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News Press Releases Bernie Moreno Tuesday, Mar 19 2024

Bernie Moreno, MAGA Car Salesman, Wins OH-SEN Primary

Tonight, after a brutal primary that in-state and national reporters called “nasty,” “personal” and messy, car salesman and MAGA extremist Bernie Moreno has won the race to be the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate. He will go up against Sen. Sherrod Brown in November in a race that will be yet another reflection on Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell’s inability to recruit Republican candidates who people actually want…

American Bridge’s Statement on the Results of Ohio’s Issue 1 Election

Tonight, Ohioans overwhelmingly rejected the GOP’s attempt to circumvent the will of the people in the Buckeye State. Issue 1…

Press Releases Bernie Moreno Wednesday, May 10 2023

Hypocrisy Watch: Ohio Republican Complains of Self-Funding Candidates After Self-funding His Own 2022 Bid

According to a new report from the American Independent, Ohio MAGA-Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bernie Moreno “said in an interview on Monday that…

News Press Releases Bernie Moreno Matt Dolan Wednesday, Apr 19 2023

“Unapologetically Pro-Trump” OH-Sen Hopeful Targets “Career Insider” Primary Opponents

Ohio Republicans are gearing up for a “lose-lose situation” situation as MAGA Republican Bernie Moreno yesterday joined an increasingly crowded Republican primary. His…

News Bernie Moreno Tuesday, Apr 18 2023

Round Two: Failed 2022 OHSEN Republican Announces Second Senate Campaign

After a disastrous midterm performance, MAGA extremist Bernie Moreno today announced his entry into the messy Ohio U.S. Senate Republican…

Report: Vance “Vulnerable” To His Own “Elite” Criticism

Bolstered by a super PAC funded by $10 million-and-counting from tech billionaire Peter Thiel,  Silicon Valley private equity insider JD…

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