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AB Leadership News Press Releases Reproductive Rights Monday, Mar 4 2024

AB21 Calls Out GOP Efforts to Run From Anti-IVF Records on CNN This Morning

News Press Releases The Oppo Dump Donald Trump Trade Friday, Mar 1 2024

This F*cking Guy Started a Harmful Trade War

News News Articles Press Releases Mike Johnson Reproductive Rights Friday, Mar 1 2024

ICYMI: Is Destroying An Embryo Murder? House Speaker Mike Johnson Won’t Say.

News Press Releases Donald Trump Thursday, Feb 29 2024

The F*cking Guy Closed Black History Month With His Most Racist Speech

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AB21 Calls Out GOP Efforts to Run From Anti-IVF Records on CNN This Morning

Yesterday, American Bridge 21st Century Senior Executive Writer Matilda Bress joined CNN This Morning to talk about her op-ed in Teen Vogue and her story as an “IVF baby” watching Republicans attack the medical care that created her life. Watch the full interview here. Key Quotes:  “To see these Republican attacks on IVF, to see the so-called ‘pro-life’ party attack the very process that created my life, that created my brother’s…

ICYMI: “I’m an IVF Baby, and I’m Voting for Biden to Protect That Process”

As Republicans continue their attacks on IVF following the Alabama Supreme Court decision, American Bridge 21st Century’s executive writer and "IVF baby"…

News Press Releases Dale Folwell Thursday, Feb 29 2024

BREAKING: NCGOV Candidate Finally Breaks Silence on IVF — Where Do the Other Candidates Stand?

In a recent interview, second tier North Carolina gubernatorial candidate Dale Folwell said “no” when asked if “he would define an embryo as…

This F*cking Guy Tried to End Affordable Health Care for Millions

Seven years ago today, Donald Trump told a room full of governors that “nobody knew” repealing affordable health care for their…

News Press Releases Donald Trump Tuesday, Feb 27 2024

This F*cking Guy’s Senior Campaign Aide Pleaded Guilty to a Conspiracy Against the United States

Six years ago today, former senior Trump campaign official, Rick Gates, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy against the United…

Trump VP Shortlist Fails on Reproductive Health

This weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) featured multiple speakers speaking to an audience of one: Donald Trump. The audition to…

AB21 Co-Chair Cecile Richards Statement on Alabama IVF Ruling

In response to the Alabama state Supreme Court ruling on IVF, American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chair Cecile Richards released the following statement: "Donald Trump and the…

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