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Doug Mastriano Thursday, Mar 3 2022

Doug Mastriano Admits To Spending Campaign Cash on January 6 Insurrection


AB Leadership Monday, Apr 18 2022

American Bridge 21st Century Expands Influencer Program in AZ, PA, GA, and NV

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AB Leadership Abortion Wednesday, Aug 3 2022

AB21 Leverages Influencer Program & Resources for Major Abortion Victory in Kansas


News Articles Press Releases Donald Trump Kari Lake Thursday, May 5 2022

Kari Lake’s Dangerous Campaign: Fueled By Vitriol and Conspiracy Theories

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Press Releases Herschel Walker Friday, Dec 2 2022

Herschel Walker Endorser Kanye “Ye” West Praises Hitler, Walker’s Own History with Anti-Semitism Comes Back to Life

Today, in the midst of unleashing more anti-semitic remarks with Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes, Kanye West again praised and doubled down on his support for Herschel Walker. Looking back at Walker’s habitual proximity to anti-semites, it’s easy to see why West has endorsed him.  Last year, Walker planned to attend a fundraiser hosted by a woman with a swastika as her Twitter profile photo. Walker defended the use of a swastika…

American Bridge Statement on Adrian Fontes’ Win

On the news that Adrian Fontes has won election as Secretary of State of Arizona, American Bridge spokesperson Aidan Johnson…

American Bridge Statement on Catherine Cortez Masto Win

On the news that Senator Catherine Cortez Masto has won re-election, American Bridge spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement: …

AB21 Leadership on Democratic Victories in Key Senate Races

With wins in key battleground states like Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Arizona, and Nevada, Democrats have defied history and expanded their…

AB Leadership Press Releases David Brock Wednesday, Nov 9 2022

AB21 Founder David Brock on Donald Trump’s 2024 Announcement and His Role in Crashing the Red Wave

According to reporting from CNN, “former President Donald Trump’s endorsements for political candidates in close high-profile races have not yet…

News Articles Press Releases Tim Michels Wednesday, Nov 9 2022

American Bridge Statement on Gov. Tony Evers Win

On the news that Gov. Tony Evers has won re-election as governor of Wisconsin, American Bridge spokesperson Alexandra De Luca…

News Articles Press Releases Tudor Dixon Wednesday, Nov 9 2022

American Bridge Statement on Gretchen Whitmer Win

On the news that Gretchen Whitmer won re-election, American Bridge spokesperson Alexandra De Luca released the following statement:  “Tudor Dixon…

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