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Kari Lake

A former local news talking head, Kari Lake is an attention-seeking opportunist who has never seen a marginalized group she could not weaponize for her own political gain. Endorsed by Donald Trump, she leaned fully into the most dangerous and anti-democratic Republican rhetoric possible in order to prove herself as extreme enough to win this primary — a strategy that will have disastrous results for Lake and Republicans come November:

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Pride Month: Meet the Anti-LGBTQ+ Republican Candidates Running Across the Country

Across America candidates running for office – from governorships, to the Senate, and up to the White House — are scapegoating and endangering the LGBTQ+ community through vile legislative action and rhetoric. See more below. Presidential Candidates  Donald Trump and Mike Pence are both known bigots and their administration was a disaster for LGBTQ+ rights. Ron DeSantis opposed the Respect for Marriage Act and signed the “Don’t Say Gay'' bill. He…

AB Leadership Kari Lake Thursday, Jun 16 2022

American Bridge Files Complaint Alleging TPUSA Coordinated With the Kari Lake Campaign

American Bridge 21st Century filed a formal complaint with the Internal Revenue Service requesting that it investigate Turning Point USA…

Kari Lake Tuesday, May 10 2022

Kari Lake Skips Event With Arizona Voters To (Probably) Drink Mint Juleps at Kentucky Derby

On Saturday, Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake skipped a meeting with Verde Valley Republicans to wear a fancy hat and (maybe) drink mint juleps…

Kari Lake’s Dangerous Campaign: Fueled By Vitriol and Conspiracy Theories

Two new reports from the Arizona Republic and the New York Times break down Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s…

AZ Republicans Back Extreme Mississippi Style Abortion Ban

Last week, the Republican-controlled Arizona state legislature passed a new restrictive abortion ban that strips Arizonans of rights they have…

Kari Lake Tuesday, Mar 8 2022

Kari Lake Wants Products Made In Arizona — But Makes Campaign Merch in Honduras

Last week the Tucson Weekly reported that GOP Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, who claims that as governor, "we’re going to hire Arizonans…

Kari Lake Thursday, Mar 3 2022

ICYMI: AZGOV Republicans Refuse To Condemn Wendy Rogers’ Antisemitic And Violent Comments

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidates have, once again, refused to take any action to stand up against the antisemitic and violent…

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