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ROUND UP: FL’s Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott, Marco Rubio are Hypocrites on Disaster Relief Funding

2024 presidential hopefuls Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott, and Marco Rubio are all being hypocrites when it comes to disaster relief funding. Just last week, shortly after Hurricane Ian hit their home state – Rick Scott voted no on a bill containing $2 billion in disaster relief. The bill passed with bipartisan support.  Meanwhile, both Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio are being called out due to…

On a Private Call With Anti-Choice Extremists, Doug Mastriano Swears to Pass Abortion Bans in PA

Despite weeks of failed attempts to hide his dangerous, anti-abortion rights beliefs, The American Independent revealed that Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano showed…

SECRET AUDIO: Brian Kemp Says He Is Open to Banning Contraception

In new a bombshell report from Heartland Signal, a secret recording captures the moment Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp “expressed his…


American Bridge Files Complaint Responding to DeSantis Use of Office To Support Re-Election Campaign

Governor Attacked Political Opponents While Acting in Official Duty American Bridge 21st Century has filed a formal complaint with the…

Press Releases Tim Michels Tuesday, Aug 9 2022

Bad News for Wisconsin: Tim Michels Wins WI-GOV Primary

Tim Michels has promoted election conspiracy theories, repeatedly attacked abortion and LGBTQ+ rights, and proposed cutting funding from Wisconsin public schools.

Press Releases Kari Lake Friday, Aug 5 2022

Kari Lake: Arizona’s Worst Nightmare

Kari Lake will be the GOP's nominee on the November ballot, and it could not be worse news for Republicans.

Doug Mastriano Thursday, Aug 4 2022

ICYMI: Doug Mastriano: I Can’t Be Antisemitic, We Blew a Shofar At My Campaign Launch

Yesterday, Forward reported that the Republican nominee for Pennsylvania governor, Doug Mastriano, responded to critiques “over his association with Gab,…

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