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Press Releases Daniel Cameron Friday, Sep 15 2023

BREAKING: KYGOV GOP Nominee Daniel Cameron Doubles Down on Lie that Birth Control Pills Are Abortion

A new report details that Daniel Cameron doubled down on the false claim that birth control pills and morning-after pills are abortion. Key Points Below Bowling Green Daily News: Political update: Cameron responds to controversy; Beshear leads in fundraising By Sarah Mihels | 9/15/23 Another part of the questionnaire asked candidates whether they would support legislation banning the use of Medicare and Medicaid funds for abortion, as well…

News Kelly Ayotte Monday, Jul 24 2023

Welcome to the Race: Failed New Hampshire Senate Candidate Kelly Ayotte Announces for Governor

  “Well, I certainly think that Roe should be overturned…” Kelly Ayotte, who lost her re-election senate campaign in 2016…

Press Releases Tate Reeves Friday, Jul 21 2023

ICYMI: Companies tied to MS Gov. Reeves had loans forgiven. But he opposes forgiving student loans

Forgiven PPP loans were paid for by taxpayers, many of whom did not take out loans themselves.” A new report from…

Press Releases Chuck Morse Wednesday, Jul 19 2023

Meet the The Extreme Anti-Abortion Candidate Chuck Morse Who Just Announced his Campaign for Governor of New Hampshire

Within seven minutes of current New Hampshire Governor Chis Sununu announcing he would not run for re-election, extreme anti-abortion rights politician Chuck Morse announced…

Press Releases Daniel Cameron Thursday, Jul 13 2023

ICYMI: KKK Flyers Are Popping Up All Over Kentucky

“Kentucky’s Republican attorney general Daniel Cameron, who is also his party’s nominee for governor, has not yet publicly commented on…

ICYMI: Is North Carolina Going to Become Like Ron DeSantis’s Florida?

“In social media posts, Robinson has previously trivialized domestic violence and sexual assault.”  A new report from Vanity Fair details how…

GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Threaten Their States With Abortion Bans

“If I had all the power right now; let’s say I was the governor [and] had a willing legislature we…

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