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Pride Month: Meet the Anti-LGBTQ+ Republican Candidates Running Across the Country

Across America candidates running for office – from governorships, to the Senate, and up to the White House — are scapegoating and endangering the LGBTQ+ community through vile legislative action and rhetoric. See more below. Presidential Candidates  Donald Trump and Mike Pence are both known bigots and their administration was a disaster for LGBTQ+ rights. Ron DeSantis opposed the Respect for Marriage Act and signed the “Don’t Say Gay'' bill. He…

News Press Releases Kelly Craft Monday, May 8 2023

Kentucky GOP Candidates Daniel Cameron and Kelly Craft Chicken Out of Tonight’s Debate — Here’s What You Still Need to Know

With just over a week before the Kentucky primary elections, top GOP gubernatorial candidates Attorney General Daniel Cameron and former…

Press Releases Mark Robinson Friday, May 5 2023

North Carolina GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Robinson Called Parkland Shooting Survivors "Spoiled Little Bastards"

In a stunning new report from CNN, it was revealed that the GOP’s top choice for governor of North Carolina, Mark…

Press Releases Mark Robinson Thursday, May 4 2023

ICYMI: Election deniers helm Georgia rally where North Carolina Lt. Gov. Robinson will speak

“Robinson, who recently announced his run for North Carolina governor, is advertised first among the primary speakers in the rally.”…

Press Releases Kelly Craft Wednesday, Apr 26 2023

ICYMI: Kentucky candidate [Kelly Craft] ad features cop who wrote controversial police training slideshow

A new report from The American Independent details how Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Kelly Craft released an ad featuring a cop whose training tactics encouraged…

Kentuckians Deserve to Know if Kelly Craft and Ryan Quarles Want to Gut Medicaid

While Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Daniel Cameron made it explicitly clear he wants to follow former Governor Matt Bevin’s plan to…

Mark Robinson Just Announced His Candidacy for Governor of North Carolina – Here’s What You Need to Know

Today, North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson announced his candidacy for Governor of the Tar Heel state. The Trump-loving, job-skipping,…

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