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NEW AUDIO: North Carolina GOP Gubernatorial Frontrunner Caught Saying He “Absolutely” Wants to Ban Abortion from the Moment of Conception

“We’ve got it [abortion ban] down to 12 weeks. The next goal is to get it down to 6, and then just keep moving from there.” North Carolina GOP gubernatorial frontrunner Mark Robinson, who has resorted to calling abortion the “a-word” and openly says he doesn’t want to discuss the issue on the campaign trail, was caught telling a supporter that he “absolutely” wants to ban abortion…

Press Releases Daniel Cameron Friday, Oct 6 2023

ICYMI:Following Daniel Cameron’s Example, Kentucky GOP AG Candidate Flip-Flops on Abortion Ban

“...Coleman posted…that he was proud of Cameron for defending Kentucky’s laws and values after an appeals court reinstated the abortion…

Press Releases Daniel Cameron Monday, Oct 2 2023

Ahead of 1-On-1 Interview, Daniel Cameron Still Can’t Get his Answer Straight on Where He Stands on The Issue of Abortion

“If our legislature was to bring legislation before me…” “If the courts made us change that law…” “meaning the court…

Press Releases Daniel Cameron Friday, Sep 15 2023

BREAKING: KYGOV GOP Nominee Daniel Cameron Doubles Down on Lie that Birth Control Pills Are Abortion

A new report details that Daniel Cameron doubled down on the false claim that birth control pills and morning-after pills are abortion.…

Press Releases Glenn Youngkin Tuesday, Sep 5 2023

ICYMI: Glenn Youngkin Is Quietly Funding Anti-Choice Extremists Through His PAC

"Spirit of Virginia, Youngkin’s political action committee previously known as Virginia Wins, donated nearly $100,000 to anti-choice down-ballot Republican candidates…

Press Releases Saturday, Jul 29 2023

We’re 100 Days Out from the 2023 General Election — Here’s What You Need to Know About the Biggest Races Across the Country

With 100 days until Kentuckians, Mississippians, Louisianians, and Virginians head to the polls to vote for governor and a number…

Press Releases Daniel Cameron Monday, Jul 24 2023

KY AG and GOP Gov Nominee Daniel Cameron Wants to Prosecute Kentuckians Who Get an Abortion Out of State

In a new report from LEX18, Kentucky Attorney General and GOP Gubernatorial nominee Daniel Cameron continuously emphasized that he would not…

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