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News Press Releases Bernie Moreno Matt Dolan Wednesday, Apr 19 2023

“Unapologetically Pro-Trump” OH-Sen Hopeful Targets “Career Insider” Primary Opponents

Apr 19, 2023

Ohio Republicans are gearing up for a “lose-lose situation” situation as MAGA Republican Bernie Moreno yesterday joined an increasingly crowded Republican primary. His entry into the race follows recent reporting that the state’s primary could be “one of the messiest” and “bruising” this cycle.

Without skipping a beat, Moreno is already validating the NRSC’s biggest fears:

REMINDER: Last cycle, Mitch McConnell bemoaned the “candidate quality” of their Trumpian field of Senate candidates — which helped them lose in spectacular fashion in states across the country.

Published: Apr 19, 2023 | Last Modified: May 4, 2023

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