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Friday, Feb 2 2024

Rise and Shine Ohio! American Bridge 21st Century Celebrates Groundhog Day With New Video of GOP Senate Loser Bernie Moreno

Feb 02, 2024

Okay, campers, rise and shine! It’s Groundhog Day and in honor of the GOP Senate field giving us a hearty helping of déjà vu, American Bridge 21st Century released a video highlighting repeat Ohio loser Bernie Moreno.

Bernie Moreno Groundhog Day video

“Bad news for Ohio GOP voters, Mitch McConnell, and the NRSC – Bernie Moreno is a U.S. Senate candidate…again,” said American Bridge spokesperson Sarah Abel. “Moreno is running the same tired playbook; extolling MAGA extremism, supporting a national abortion ban, and spewing bizarre stuff (like reparations for white people). We’ll keep reminding voters why they should reject Bernie Moreno and his crew of extreme, weirdo, out-of-touch U.S. Senate hopefuls.”

Published: Feb 2, 2024 | Last Modified: Feb 5, 2024

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