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Trump Defends Family Separation Policy in Upcoming Univision Interview

The Trump Administration’s decision to separate families at the border was one of the most morally reprehensible immigration policy decisions in recent memory. According to a Semafor exclusive, Trump will defend his cruel family separation policy in a taped Univision interview set to air tonight. Transcripts of the interview obtained by Semafor show Trump praising the policy and saying, “When you hear that you’re going to be…

Press Releases Daniel Cameron Monday, Nov 6 2023

NEW VIDEO: Here’s the #1 Issue Concerning Voters in Tomorrow’s Kentucky Gubernatorial Election

Ahead of tomorrow’s Kentucky gubernatorial election, American Bridge released a video highlighting the number one issue facing voters as they head to…

ICYMI: Trump waited until after he left office to disclose trademarks he owns in China and Russia

In a bombshell story from Insider today, it was revealed that Donald Trump owns over 100 trademarks in China and…

Press Releases Wednesday, Nov 1 2023

VIDEO: AB21 Releases Video on VA Republicans Anti-Abortion Agenda

Ahead of Election Day in Virginia, American Bridge 21st Century released a video highlighting how Glenn Youngkin is bankrolling his…

This F*cking Guy: Trump Pardons His Criminal Friends

On this day in 2017, Paul Manafort, Trump’s 2016 campaign chair, and his employee, Rick Gates, were indicted on charges of tax…

Press Releases Mike Johnson Friday, Oct 27 2023

Speaker Mike Johnson: “The Morning After Pill, as we know, is an abortifacient.”

Webster's Dictionary: Abortifacient: an agent (such as a drug) that induces abortion American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: Morning-after pills do not…

Press Releases Tim Sheehy Friday, Oct 27 2023

Two-Faced Tim Strikes Again! MT Senate Candidate Sheehy Took the Dough But Now Says No

In case you missed it, a new report from HuffPost found yet another brazen display of flip-flopping and “double-dipping on partisan issues” by Montana…

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