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Press Releases James Craig Tuesday, Oct 3 2023

The Michigan Senate GOP Primary Becomes the GOP’s Latest Dumpster Fire

Today, failed gubernatorial candidate James Craig announced he is jumping into the GOP primary for U.S. Senate — if he can file the paperwork correctly. With this announcement, Michigan joins countless other states where the GOP is dealing with bruising and expensive primaries. In response to Craig’s announcement, American Bridge spokesperson Alexandra De Luca released the following statement:  “James Craig is a radical anti-abortion extremist who denied…

Garrett Soldano James Craig Thursday, Feb 3 2022

James Craig Agrees With Soldano’s Disqualifying Anti-Choice Beliefs

Yesterday, Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate James Craig sided with his primary opponent Garrett Soldano – backing the disgusting and disqualifying anti-choice belief that there should…

Garrett Soldano James Craig Tudor Dixon Thursday, Feb 3 2022

Does the Rest of the MIGOV Field Agree With Garrett Soldano on Plan B?

This week, Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate Garrett Soldano was widely criticized by Michiganders after a recent interview went viral in which he…

Every 2022 GOP Gubernatorial Candidate is an Anti-Choice Extremist

2022 gubernatorial candidates from Arizona to Pennsylvania have united around an anti-choice platform so extreme it risks endangering the support of their own voters.

Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Embrace Deeply Unpopular Texas

Across the country in key swing states, Republican gubernatorial candidates strongly support the Texas abortion ban, which outlaws the practice…

James Craig Friday, Sep 24 2021

Coverage: James Craig Will Uphold Ban On Abortion As Governor

Last week following his failed campaign announcement, Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate James Craig was recorded saying he will do “whatever I can” to…

James Craig Tuesday, Sep 21 2021

Secret Recording: James Craig Says He Will Uphold Michigan’s Complete Abortion Ban

Today, a new report from the Detroit Metro Times details a secret recording captured by American Bridge 21st Century that shows GOP Michigan gubernatorial candidate…

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