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News Press Releases Ron DeSantis Tuesday, Jan 16 2024

Team DeSantis Blames “Media” and “Election Interference” for Iowa Meltdown

In his dreams, Ron DeSantis is the savior for Republicans who know Donald Trump will lose a general election as their party’s nominee. In reality, DeSantis proved to be an unlikable and unrelatable candidate, with extreme positions on nearly every issue from immigration to abortion, who wasn’t ready for the bright lights of a presidential campaign. Instead of conceding their flawed candidate ran a mismanaged campaign brought down by poor…

Ron DeSantis Repeatedly Praised Anthony Fauci’s COVID-19 Response

According to a new report from CNN, despite attacking Anthony Fauci on the campaign trail, Florida governor and 2024 Republican presidential…

DeSantis Presidency Would Threaten the Global Economy

Last night, the U.S. House overwhelmingly passed bipartisan legislation to extend the debt ceiling, despite the objection of 2024 Republican…

WATCH: Ron DeSantis Is Too Extreme For America

Today, following Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' disastrous entry into the Republican presidential primary, American Bridge 21st Century released a video…

Meet “Unapproachable” “Loner” Ron DeSantis

Today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will finally announce his entry into the messy 2024 Republican presidential primary, after “limping to…

Trump Ad Hypocritically Slams DeSantis on “Fair Tax” Proposal

According to reporting from Semafor: “MAGA Inc., the Trump-aligned Super PAC, is out with a new ad this morning titled ‘Versus’…

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