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Governor North Carolina

Mark Robinson

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NEW REPORT: Bankruptcy documents detail how GOP NC governor nominee Mark Robinson failed to file federal income taxes for 5 years

“...despite relying on protection from the bankruptcy courts during his early days of financial troubles, Robinson's political rise has coincided with his railing against the social safety net while calling on citizens to take responsibility for their financial situation.” An explosive new report details how North Carolina GOP gubernatorial nominee Mark Robinson failed to pay income taxes for five years and relied on bankruptcy court protection —…

News Press Releases Mark Robinson Abortion Wednesday, Jan 17 2024

BREAKING: KFILE: #NCGOV GOP Frontrunner Mark Robinson Takes Anti-Abortion Rhetoric to New Extremes

“For me, there is no compromise on abortion. It makes no difference to me why or how that child ended…

ICYMI: Is North Carolina Going to Become Like Ron DeSantis’s Florida?

“In social media posts, Robinson has previously trivialized domestic violence and sexual assault.”  A new report from Vanity Fair details how…

Press Releases Mark Robinson Thursday, Jun 29 2023

NCGOV GOP Front-Runner and “Passionate” Antisemite Mark Robinson to Speak with Group That Promoted Hitler

“When I made those posts as a private citizen, I was speaking directly to issues that I’m passionate about.”  Mark…

Press Releases Mark Robinson Monday, Jun 26 2023

BREAKING: NC GOP Gubernatorial Frontrunner Backtracks and Endorses Donald Trump

After previously stating “I’m not necessarily…ready to endorse anybody” for president, North Carolina’s GOP gubernatorial frontrunner Mark Robinson pulled a 180 today…

GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Threaten Their States With Abortion Bans

“If I had all the power right now; let’s say I was the governor [and] had a willing legislature we…

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