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Mark Robinson

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NEW AUDIO: North Carolina GOP Gubernatorial Frontrunner Caught Saying He “Absolutely” Wants to Ban Abortion from the Moment of Conception

“We’ve got it [abortion ban] down to 12 weeks. The next goal is to get it down to 6, and then just keep moving from there.” North Carolina GOP gubernatorial frontrunner Mark Robinson, who has resorted to calling abortion the “a-word” and openly says he doesn’t want to discuss the issue on the campaign trail, was caught telling a supporter that he “absolutely” wants to ban abortion…

Press Releases Mark Robinson Monday, Jun 26 2023

BREAKING: NC GOP Gubernatorial Frontrunner Backtracks and Endorses Donald Trump

After previously stating “I’m not necessarily…ready to endorse anybody” for president, North Carolina’s GOP gubernatorial frontrunner Mark Robinson pulled a 180 today…

GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Threaten Their States With Abortion Bans

“If I had all the power right now; let’s say I was the governor [and] had a willing legislature we…

American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chair Cecile Richards Statement on NC GOP’s Abortion Ban Vote

Today, North Carolina state legislators will vote on either upholding Governor Cooper’s veto of a highly restrictive abortion ban bill…

Press Releases Mark Robinson Friday, May 5 2023

North Carolina GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Robinson Called Parkland Shooting Survivors "Spoiled Little Bastards"

In a stunning new report from CNN, it was revealed that the GOP’s top choice for governor of North Carolina, Mark…

Press Releases Mark Robinson Thursday, May 4 2023

ICYMI: Election deniers helm Georgia rally where North Carolina Lt. Gov. Robinson will speak

“Robinson, who recently announced his run for North Carolina governor, is advertised first among the primary speakers in the rally.”…

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