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NO SURPRISE: Rick Scott Backs Raising Healthcare Costs, Shipping Jobs Overseas, & Rewarding Tax Cheats

Today, Rick Scott took it upon himself to back a budget that would defund law enforcement, ship jobs overseas, explode the deficit, and make healthcare more expensive — all so that Republicans can pass another tax break for the ultra-wealthy. This is on top of his own epic failure of a plan that he rolled out last year that would hike taxes for seniors and more…

ROUND UP: FL’s Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott, Marco Rubio are Hypocrites on Disaster Relief Funding

2024 presidential hopefuls Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott, and Marco Rubio are all being hypocrites when it comes to disaster relief…

ICYMI: Rick Scott: There Are “Arguments To Do” Abortion Restrictions “At The Federal Level”

Yesterday, NBC News reported that U.S. Senator Rick Scott of Florida seemingly supported Senator Lindsey Graham’s extreme bill to ban abortion nationwide,  saying, “there's…

ICYMI: Rick Scott: Medicare, Social Security Funding Should “Looked At Every Year”

A new report from The American Independent highlighted calls from Republican U.S. Senators Rick Scott (FL) and Ron Johnson (WI) to put Medicare and…

Rick, Tim Scott Vote Against Disaster Relief AGAIN Amid Hurricane Ian

Yesterday, Republican U.S. Senators Rick Scott (FL) and Tim Scott (SC) chose partisanship AGAIN over the safety of their citizens in voting against millions…

Press Releases Mitch McConnell Rick Scott Thursday, Sep 15 2022

On Fox News, Rick Scott AGAIN Refuses to Back McConnell for Leader

You’ve gotta feel for National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair Rick Scott — his foot in mouth disease is only growing…

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