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ICYMI: More Republicans Are Working to Undermine Trump Endorsements

According to a recent report from the Washington Post, more and more Republicans are “actively campaigning — or quietly maneuvering — against Trump’s picks in a way that could undermine his sway over the party” and jeopardize his kingmaker status.  In key swing states across the country, Trump’s potential 2024 presidential primary opponents — like former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, South Dakota Governor…

Reminder: Mike Pence believes there were “very fine people” at Neo-Nazi rally

Five years ago, a Neo-Nazi, white supremacist mob descended on Charlottesville, Virginia, killing an innocent person. Then-President Donald Trump -…

News Donald Trump Mike Pence Tuesday, Sep 22 2020

American Bridge 21st Century Launches Pence Update to Publicly-Accessible Trump Opposition Research Hub

The first-of-its-kind website provides free and searchable thematic reports on Trump and Pence’s failed administration. In advance of the Vice…

Donald Trump Mike Pence Education Wednesday, Jul 8 2020

In PA, Pence to Prop Up Trump’s Dangerous Threats and Disastrous Failures

As the United States surges past 3,000,000 coronavirus cases, Mike Pence heads to Pennsylvania to spin Donald Trump’s failed coronavirus…

Mike Pence Friday, Jun 26 2020

White House Grifter Scores Multi-Million-Dollar Medical Supply Contract

“It’s outright disgusting that Donald Trump and Mike Pence are using this crisis to line the pockets of their cronies…

News Mike Pence Gender Equality Monday, Sep 26 2016

Equal Pay Opponent Pence’s Indiana Has 10th Largest Gender Pay Gap Nationally

With Governor Mike Pence in charge, it's no surprise that Indiana women aren't receiving equal pay for equal work. Pence…

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