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ICYMI: “Pence-Founded Organization Spreads Lie Linking Abortion to Breast Cancer”

A new report from Rolling Stone recently uncovered a Mike Pence-founded group, Advancing American Freedom, working to revive a widely debunked theory linking abortion to breast cancer. Rolling Stone: Pence-Founded Organization Spreads Lie Linking Abortion to Breast Cancer  Tessa Stuart | 8/28/23 Key Points: On YouTube, Advancing American Freedom posted an hour-long Zoom presentation delivered to the group Anglicans for Life by the surgeon and anti-abortion…

“Trump Silent On Abortion” As 2024 Rivals Run On Anti-Abortion Agendas

According to a new report from the Associated Press, “No elected Republican has done more to restrict abortion rights in the…

Pence and Haley Want to Gut Medicare and Social Security

President Joe Biden introduced his plan to lower the deficit while protecting Medicare and Social Security – and 2024 GOP…

2024 GOP Presidential Hopefuls Can’t Stop Touching Third Rail of Politics

According to a new report from Politico, Republicans are preparing for war in the 2024 presidential primary over their proposed plans to…

Thursday, Feb 16 2023

VIDEO: Mike Pence Doubles Down On His Plan To Privatize Social Security

In a TV interview today, former Vice President Mike Pence, a possible contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, doubled down…

Wednesday, Feb 15 2023

ICYMI – Jezebel: Mike Pence Says ‘We Need to’ Ban Abortion Pills Nationwide in New Leaked Audio

Today, Jezebel reported that “Former Vice President and rumored 2024 presidential contender Mike Pence said ‘we need to’ ban abortion pills” at…

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