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Press Releases Peter Meijer Monday, Nov 6 2023

American Bridge Statement on Peter Meijer U.S. Senate Campaign Announcement

Today, former-Congressman and billionaire heir Peter Meijer threw his hat into the increasingly-crowded ring for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate in Michigan. Following Meijer’s announcement, American Bridge spokesperson Sarah Abel released this statement:   Meijer has already proven he can’t survive a GOP primary after embarrassingly losing his primary in 2022. All his entry into the race does is make the primary even…

Press Releases Frank LaRose Monday, Aug 28 2023

ICYMI: Frank LaRose Pushed to “Twist Ballot Language For Pro-Choice Provision In Likely Attempt To Confuse Voters”

In case you missed it, HuffPost reported that late last week the Ohio Ballot Board led by Ohio Secretary of State and U.S.…

Press Releases Tim Sheehy Monday, Aug 21 2023

ICYMI: MT Senate Candidate Tim Sheehy’s “Shameless Opportunism On Climate”

In case you missed it, over the weekend HuffPost highlighted a brazen display of flip-flopping and “shameless opportunism” by Montana GOP Senate candidate…

Press Releases Frank LaRose Wednesday, Aug 9 2023

He Made Himself Face of Issue 1, Now Frank LaRose is Paying the Political Cost

Ohio Secretary of State and candidate for U.S. Senate Frank LaRose put it all on the line for Issue 1,…

Press Releases Frank LaRose Tuesday, Aug 8 2023

American Bridge’s Statement on the Results of Ohio’s Issue 1 Election

Tonight, Ohioans overwhelmingly rejected the GOP’s attempt to circumvent the will of the people in the Buckeye State. Issue 1…

News Jeffrey Ross Gunter Monday, Aug 7 2023

American Bridge’s Statement on Jeffrey Ross Gunter’s NVSen Announcement: 🍿

This morning, former Trump Ambassador to Iceland Jeffrey Ross Gunter threw his hat into the ring for Nevada’s U.S Senate seat, setting…

Press Releases Thursday, Jul 27 2023

GOP’s Top Recruit for VA-Sen Warned of Witchcraft Coming to Virginia in Bizarre Interview

Today, Business Insider reported on the bizarre comments Virginia Republican Senate candidate Hung Cao made in a recent interview, stating that we…

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