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News Press Releases Dave McCormick Friday, Feb 2 2024

Rise and Shine Pennsylvania! American Bridge 21st Century Celebrates Groundhog Day With New Video of GOP Senate Loser David McCormick

Okay, campers, rise and shine! It’s Groundhog Day and in honor of the GOP Senate field giving us a hearty helping of déjà vu, American Bridge 21st Century released a video highlighting repeat Pennsylvania loser David McCormick. [embed][/embed] "Connecticut Man David McCormick is back and worse than ever,” said American Bridge spokesperson Sarah Abel. “Unfortunately for Pennsylvanians, and his bank account, he’s back on the ballot and ready to lose once again.…

NRSC Recruiting Ultra-Wealthy Candidates To Buy Senate Seats

According to a new report from Politico, the NRSC and establishment Republicans are doing everything in their power to recruit filthy…

Soon-to-be-Announced #PASen Candidate David McCormick Wants to “Break the Back” of Public Schools and Teachers’ Unions

In case you missed it, in an interview last week reported by The American Independent, “multimillionaire and potential 2024 Republican Pennsylvania…

Oz and McCormick are Wrong for Pennsylvania

Facing down a recount, both Mehmet Oz and David McCormick are wrong for Pennsylvania workers and families.

Senate Republicans Again Block Abortion Rights Bill

In U.S. Senate races across the country, Republicans are far-out-of-step with voters on abortion and reproductive health care, pushing for…

GOP Senate Candidates Campaign on Abortion Bans

A new report from Axios highlights that Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Florida, and Ohio all have one critical thing in…

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