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Rick Scott

Press Releases Rick Scott Gun Safety Thursday, Jun 23 2022

Rick Scott to Vote Against Gun Bill Based Off His Own 2018 Legislation

Putting his political career ahead of public safety, the aspiring Senate Majority Leader and 2024 presidential candidate goes negative on…

Rick Scott Abortion Tuesday, May 3 2022

NRSC Instructs 2022 Candidates To Lie About Abortion

Republicans know how unpopular their position is, but they can’t lie their way out of this In a new National…

Ahead of 2024, Rick Scott is Turning the NRSC Into the ‘National Rick Scott Committee’

Today, the Washington Post reported on Senator Rick Scott’s failed leadership at the National Republican Senate Committee and how he is using…

Rick Scott Votes Against Rick Scott

After putting forward ten ideas to compete economically with China, Rick Scott voted against them According to a recent report…

Fox News: NRSC Chair Rick Scott Again Defends Proposal For Senate GOP Tax Hikes

Five weeks after first introducing his “11-point plan,” NRSC Chair Rick Scott is continuing to defend his “post-midterms GOP roadmap” agenda that “sunsets…

Rick Scott Friday, Mar 11 2022

Send in the Clowns: Rick Scott’s 11-Point Plan Used Stock Images of Russians

Rick Scott wants to raise taxes on 50% of Americans, end Social Security and Medicare, and eliminate the Department of Education.…

Rick Scott Ron Johnson Tuesday, Mar 8 2022

Republican Candidates Must Answer For Rick Scott’s New Agenda

Scott Plan Would Eliminate Medicaid and Medicare, Raise Taxes on 50% of Americans As we inch closer to the 2022…

Doug Ducey Mitch McConnell Rick Scott Thursday, Mar 3 2022

Our Message To NRSC Chair Rick Scott: Keep Your Head Up, You’re Doing Great!

Today, the Arizona Republic is reporting that Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is (again) officially ruling out a 2022 run for U.S. Senate —…

NRSC Chair Rick Scott Recommits Senate GOP To Tax Hike

Rick Scott on Tuesday recommitted Senate Republicans to his plan that hikes taxes for half of Americans and sunsets Social Security and Medicare

Rick Scott Tuesday, Feb 22 2022

Coverage: GOP Backs Tax Hikes For Millions

According to National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair Rick Scott “roadmap for Republicans,” should they take back Congress next November, Republicans…

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