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Monday, Oct 3 2022

VIDEO: Rick Scott Refused to Defend McConnell From Trump Weekend Attacks

Oct 03, 2022

Yesterday, U.S. Senator Rick Scott of Florida stumbled through a justification of Donald Trump’s racist post against Elaine Chao, Trump’s former Cabinet Secretary and wife of Mitch McConnell, calling her “Coco Chow.” He also said that Leader McConnell had a “death wish.”

Scott downplayed the attack by saying that Trump “likes to give people nicknames” and “I’m sure he has a nickname for me.” In recent weeks, coverage of the rift between Scott and McConnell, including Scott’s refusal to announce his support for the Kentuckian to lead the Republican caucus in the Senate next year, has intensified.


Published: Oct 3, 2022 | Last Modified: Oct 4, 2022

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