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GOP 2024 Presidential Hopefuls Press Releases Mike Pence Wednesday, Jun 7 2023

Pence Launches 2024 Campaign on Banning Abortion and Privatizing Social Security

Jun 07, 2023

Yet another candidate destined to fail has entered the GOP 2024 presidential primary – and this time, it’s former Vice President Mike Pence. Unfortunately for Pence, there is no interest in him from the Republican base or the general public, and he’s currently polling at 5% – far behind his former boss Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Voters are well aware of Pence’s atrocious record on LGBTQ+ rights, abortion rights, and the economy. In the run-up to his campaign launch, Pence has been crystal clear on two key policy proposals: privatizing Social Security and banning abortion. 

In February, Pence came out in favor of privatizing Social Security. The National Review published an op-ed by the former vice president in which he outlines his plans to gut Social Security and Medicare, essential programs that millions of Americans rely on. Pence is foaming at the mouth to cut these programs and whenever given the opportunity, he doubles down. 

Read the coverage of Mike Pence’s disastrous plan for social security here: 

In January, Pence’s 501(c)4 organization Advancing American Freedom rolled out a dangerous anti-abortion legislative framework to coincide with the start of the new Congress. His framework outlaws abortion across the board. It also paves the way to ban contraceptives like Plan B and IUDs while defunding Planned Parenthood in favor of bogus crisis pregnancy centers – which are frequent peddlers of dangerous misinformation.

In February, Pence called for a nationwide ban on medication abortion.

“Mike Pence is a far-right extremist who has never stopped daydreaming about being the next president. Yet there is absolutely no appetite for his candidacy,” said spokesperson for American Bridge 21st Century Grace Hagerty. “Americans know that he wants to slash Social Security and that he’s an anti-LGBTQ+ bigot who has spent his entire political career attempting to ban abortion. His agenda is extreme, toxic, and wildly unpopular. Americans rejected him and Donald Trump in 2020 – 2024 will be no different.”

Published: Jun 7, 2023

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