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ICYMI – Jezebel: Mike Pence Says ‘We Need to’ Ban Abortion Pills Nationwide in New Leaked Audio

Feb 15, 2023

Today, Jezebel reported that “Former Vice President and rumored 2024 presidential contender Mike Pence said ‘we need to’ ban abortion pills” at a public event on Monday. A recent lawsuit threatens the future of access to abortion pills as anti-abortion groups seek to take advantage of the overturning of Roe v. Wade. The lawsuit is specifically targeting mifepristone – medication that is also often used to treat miscarriages.

According to the report, Pence confirmed his desire to ban abortion pills when an attendee asked him about medication abortion. The conversation went as follows:

Man: Are you thinking about what to do about abortion pills? Would you like to ban those?

Pence: To me, it’s…I’m pro-life, and I think that’s a real issue and it’s really dangerous. Really dangerous.

Man: I think you can ban them though, don’t you think?

Pence: Uh you can, and we need to. We need to.

Jezebel: Mike Pence Says ‘We Need to’ Ban Abortion Pills Nationwide in New Leaked Audio

 By Susan Rinkunas | 2/14/23 

Key Quotes

  • “It’s not surprising that Pence said he wants to ban a method of abortion given his years-long war against abortion access. On the day Roe fell, he said ‘we must not rest’ until abortion is banned in every state and later supported the nationwide 15-week ban introduced by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).”

  • “Medication abortion is extremely safe and made up more than half of all abortions done in medical settings in 2020. But a recent lawsuit could lead to a judge revoking the FDA’s approval of mifepristone, the first of two drugs used in medication abortion. (Mifepristone is also used as a treatment for miscarriages.) The plaintiffs argue that the FDA was wrong to approve mifepristone back in September 2000, but only filed the suit in November after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.”

  • “But given the active lawsuit, abortion pills are conservatives’ opportunity now, until Republicans control government again and can ban abortion via legislation or even executive order, per a terrifying proposal from Americans United for Life.”

Published: Feb 15, 2023

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