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Josh Hawley

Josh Hawley Vicky Hartzler Wednesday, May 18 2022

ICYMI: Hartzler & Hawley Donors “Cover[ed] Up” Child Sex Abuse

A new report from Heartland Signal uncovers that Missouri Republican U.S. Senate candidate Vicky Hartzler and 2024 presidential hopeful Sen. Josh Hawley received thousands…

Press Releases Ben Sasse Josh Hawley Abortion Wednesday, May 11 2022

Senate Republicans Again Block Abortion Rights Bill

In U.S. Senate races across the country, Republicans are far-out-of-step with voters on abortion and reproductive health care, pushing for…

GOP Is Fine with Trump’s Appeal to Putin to Intervene in Our Elections, Again

In a recent interview with the fringe right wing outlet Real America's Voice, Donald Trump called on Russian dictator and war…

The Reviews Are In: 2024 GOP Contenders Clown Themselves In KBJ Hearings

Coverage of Judiciary Committee Behavior Pans Future GOP Also-Rans “Condescending.” “Truly Bizarre.” “Hallucinatory.” 2024 future GOP presidential contenders in the…

2024 GOP Presidential Contenders Fall for Yet Another Conspiracy Theory

Yesterday the Washington Post reported that major potential Republican 2024 candidates, including Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, and Josh…

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