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Ron Johnson frowning during hearing for DC Statehood - 6-22-21 (1)

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Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson has repeatedly opposed Wisconsinites best interests while working to secure tax breaks for himself and his biggest billionaire corporate backers. He supports hardline abortion bans, voted against lowering the cost of health care and prescription drugs, and championed the outsourcing of Wisconsin jobs.

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ICYMI: Rick Scott: Medicare, Social Security Funding Should “Looked At Every Year”

A new report from The American Independent highlighted calls from Republican U.S. Senators Rick Scott (FL) and Ron Johnson (WI) to put Medicare and Social Security up for a vote - and at risk of expiration - each year. This goes further than his calls earlier this year to sunset Medicare and Social Security every five years - already a drastic move that would threaten benefits upon which tens…

U.S. Senate Republican Candidates Grab “Third Rail”: Back Cuts to Social Security

A recent report from NBC News highlights that Republican U.S. Senate candidates “have called for cutting long-term Social Security.” GOP…

News Ron Johnson Thursday, Aug 25 2022

Out of Touch Senator Who Brags About Doubling His Wealth In Office Says “Class Envy” is to Blame for Bad Poll Numbers.

According to a new report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson “accused his critics Wednesday of ‘playing class…

Senator Ron Jonson participates in a Senate hearing.
Press Releases Ron Johnson Tuesday, Aug 9 2022

American Bridge Statement On The Wisconsin GOP Senate Primary

In response to Ron Johnson winning the Wisconsin Republican primary, American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Aidan Johnson issued the following…

Senator Ron Jonson participates in a Senate hearing.
Press Releases Ron Johnson Health Care Wednesday, Aug 3 2022

Ron Johnson Signals Support for Cutting Social Security and Medicare

Yesterday, the Wisconsin State Journal reported that Wisconsin GOP U.S. Senator Ron Johnson suggested Social Security and Medicare should be…

Press Releases Ron Johnson Health Care Thursday, Jul 28 2022

Senate Republicans Block Lifesaving Care For Military Veterans

On Wednesday evening, Senate Republicans — including 2022 incumbent Ron Johnson — opposed a procedural vote that would have advanced a bill to…

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