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Thursday, Jun 23 2022

Overcoming GOP Opposition, U.S. Senate Passes Historic Bipartisan Gun Reform

Senate passes bipartisan gun violence prevention bill despite opposition from Ron Johnson, Marco Rubio, Chuck Grassley, other Republicans.

Wednesday, Jul 28 2021

Pat Toomey Votes to Block Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

Putting partisan politics first, Pat Toomey voted to block consideration of a bipartisan infrastructure deal to create good-paying jobs and…

Wednesday, Jul 14 2021

Pat Toomey & GOP Oppose New Working Family Tax Cuts

Beginning tomorrow, Thursday, July 15, working families across Pennsylvania will start receiving a monthly tax cut that was established under…

Tuesday, Jun 22 2021

Pat Toomey Filibusterz Effort To Strengthen Voting Rights And Elections

Earlier this month, Republicans filibustered the Paycheck Fairness Act,and they filibustered the establishment of a bipartisan Jan. 6 Commission in…

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