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GOP Primary Voters Reject Trump and 2024 Challengers in Key State of Georgia

With big losses in the 2022 Georgia primaries and runoffs, it is clear that Trump’s political capital is waning. Yesterday, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported “Georgia Republican voters rebuked Donald Trump for the second time in a month Tuesday by rejecting his picks for a pair of open U.S. House seats, another blow to the former president after his attempt to unseat Gov. Brian Kemp…

Every 2022 GOP Gubernatorial Candidate is an Anti-Choice Extremist

2022 gubernatorial candidates from Arizona to Pennsylvania have united around an anti-choice platform so extreme it risks endangering the support of their own voters.

Brian Kemp David Perdue Monday, Dec 13 2021

“Political Civil War” Breaks Out Between David Perdue and Brian Kemp

The “political civil war” in Georgia’s gubernatorial race is heating up after David Perdue announced he will sue over the…

David Perdue Monday, Dec 6 2021

David Perdue Announces Candidacy for Georgia’s Governor

Today, failed one-term U.S. Sen. David Perdue -- who has been accused of abusing his position and power as Senator for…

American Bridge 21st Century Statement on New Democratic Senate Majority

American Bridge 21st Century President Bradley Beychok released the following statement on Democrats securing a majority in the United States…

David Perdue Kelly Loeffler Tuesday, Dec 15 2020

Our First Round of Georgia Runoffs TV Ads

The ads feature Matt, a pipefitter and lifelong Republican from Augusta, Georgia, who can no longer support Kelly Loeffler and…

David Perdue Tuesday, Dec 15 2020

Retired Marine & Lifelong Republican Slams David Perdue

“I’ve voted Republican my entire life, but I cannot support David Perdue” American Bridge 21st Century began airing a…

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