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New Jersey resident Mehmet Oz is an anti-abortion scammer and a fraud who’ll say and do anything to benefit himself — no matter how many people have to get hurt.

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News Articles Press Releases Mehmet Oz Monday, Nov 14 2022

American Bridge Statement on John Fetterman Win

On the news that John Fetterman has won election to the Senate from Pennsylvania, American Bridge spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement: “New Jersey resident and TV personality Mehmet Oz is an extremist, a grifter, and a fraud, who has gotten rich while recklessly pushing debunked and baseless treatments. He tried to use those same tactics to bamboozle Pennsylvania voters, but it clearly didn’t…

News Articles Press Releases Mehmet Oz Wednesday, Sep 7 2022

PASEN Republican Mehmet Oz Claims Incest Is “Not A Big Problem”

According to a new report from Jezebel, during a 2014 Breakfast Club interview, then-New Jerseyan and current Pennsylvania Republican U.S. Senate…

News Mehmet Oz Tuesday, Aug 23 2022

Mehmet Oz Partnered With Chinese Outsourcing Firm

Despite promising to be “tough on China, a new report from Insider highlights that Pennsylvania Republican U.S Senate nominee Mehmet Oz has a long…

Mehmet Oz Monday, Aug 1 2022

Mehmet Oz Had a Direct Financial Stake in Products Promoted on His Show

According to a new report from the Daily Beast, Pennsylvania Republican U.S. Senate nominee Mehmet Oz has “long used his…

Mehmet Oz Made Millions Off App That Could Track Abortion Patients

On Friday, Jezebel reported that Republican U.S. Senate Nominee and New Jersey resident Mehmet Oz co-founded and made millions of…

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