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Adam Laxalt Cecile Richards Tuesday, Apr 26 2022

ICYMI: Adam Laxalt Under Scrutiny Over Extreme Abortion Views

In case you missed it, a Sunday report from USA Today highlighted the critical role that abortion rights are set to play…

AB Leadership Thursday, Apr 21 2022

WATCH – MSNBC: AB21 is spending in key swing states AZ, GA, PA, & NV

Yesterday, Politico’s Elena Schneider joined Garrett Hake on MSNBC to discuss her reporting on American Bridge’s recent ad buy in the key battleground…

AB Leadership Wednesday, Apr 20 2022

AB21 Releases New Ads AZ, GA, PA, NV Emphasizing Biden’s Economic Agenda

American Bridge 21st Century released new ads focused on President Biden’s economic agenda. These new ads are the latest round in Bridge’s…

Joe Lombardo Monday, Apr 18 2022

Clark County resident: Lombardo puts “political ambitions before our safety”

It’s not been a great week for Joe Lombardo. Fresh off bruising attacks from Dean Heller — an opponent in the Republican gubernatorial primary…

AB Leadership Monday, Apr 18 2022

American Bridge 21st Century Expands Influencer Program in AZ, PA, GA, and NV

As first reported by The Verge, American Bridge 21st Century is expanding its paid media influencer program to connect with women voters…

Adam Laxalt Tuesday, Mar 29 2022

Adam Laxalt Coordinating Outside Groups To Challenge 2022 Election

More than 200 days ahead of the 2022 election, a new report from Salon documents that Nevada Republican U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt…

Adam Laxalt Monday, Mar 28 2022

“Anti-Abortion Candidate” Adam Laxalt Is Out-Of-Step With Nevadans

A new report from the Nevada Independent highlights that Nevada Republican U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt is way out-of-step with Nevadans when it…

Adam Laxalt Tuesday, Mar 15 2022

Why Do People Keep Trying To Bribe Adam Laxalt?

hat is it about Nevada Republican U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt that attracts unscrupulous would-be pay-to-play schemers like eager moths to a light at dusk?

AB Leadership Thursday, Mar 3 2022

POLITICO: American Bridge drops $5M boosting Biden in key battlegrounds

With the 2022 midterm elections kicking off, American Bridge is ensuring that voters know that Democrats are committed to delivering…

AB Leadership Joe Biden Thursday, Mar 3 2022

American Bridge Expands Paid Media Efforts With $5 Million Ad Buy

Today, American Bridge 21st Century announced a $5 million paid media ad buy as part of a larger 8-figure paid…

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