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Joe O'Dea

Joe O’Dea has shown that he is wrong for Colorado and won’t protect Social Security and Medicare, fight for workers, secure abortion rights, or support bipartisan measures to prevent gun violence. His loyalty is to Trump and the former president's dangerous MAGA agenda. He will always put Trump first, not the needs of Coloradans.

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Thursday, Sep 15 2022

The Company COSEN GOP Candidate Joe O’Dea Keeps: Fundraising With Election Deniers and Anti-Abortion Extremists, Hosted by Rape Apologists

According to a recent report from the American Independent, today Colorado Republican U.S. Senate Nominee Joe O’Dea will attend a major Senate Republican fundraiser hosted by “a pair of wealthy tech industry donors with a history of writing rape apologia.” O’Dea will not be alone. He’ll be joined by election deniers, anti-abortion extremists, and GOP Senate nominees Blake Masters, Adam Laxalt, Ted Budd, J.D. Vance, and Mehmet Oz. …

Monday, Aug 29 2022

U.S. Senate Republican Candidates Grab “Third Rail”: Back Cuts to Social Security

A recent report from NBC News highlights that Republican U.S. Senate candidates “have called for cutting long-term Social Security.” GOP…

Tuesday, Jun 28 2022

American Bridge on Colorado’s Republican U.S. Senate Primary

American Bridge 21st Century released the following statement on Joe O’Dea winning today’s Colorado Republican U.S. Senate primary, after buying…

Tuesday, Jun 14 2022

Report: Colorado “Senate Candidate Joe O’Dea Settled Age, Disability Discrimination Lawsuit with Ex-Employee in 2021”

Today, Colorado Newsline reported that Colorado Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe O’Dea’s construction company settled a lawsuit brought by a…

Wednesday, Jun 8 2022

Colorado Republican Senate Candidate Joe O’Dea Says He’d Support Cuts to Social Security and Medicare

The Colorado Times Recorder headline says it all: “GOP Sen. Candidate O’Dea Indicates Support for Reducing Medicare, Social Security.” During…

Monday, Apr 25 2022

Colorado Republican U.S. Senate Candidates Oppose Abortion Rights

According to a recent report from the Colorado Times Recorder, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe O’Dea last week “denounced Colorado’s…

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