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GOP To Push Hardline Federal Abortion Ban

A new Washington Post report highlights that Republicans are planning to push a hardline national abortion-ban bill that would outlaw abortion after 6 weeks, if they take back Congress in November.According to the Post, sitting GOP U.S. Senators like James Lankford and Joni Ernst are directly involved in plotting to gather support for and introduce a national abortion ban bill.Republicans’ commitment to outlawing abortion raises the stakes for the 2022 midterms, and…

Thursday, Aug 5 2021

North Carolina GOP Candidates Oppose Infrastructure Deal

According to a new report from the Raleigh News & Observer, North Carolina could receive “at least $8.7 billion in federal funding”…

Wednesday, Jul 21 2021

NEW VIDEO: NC GOP Candidates Oppose Tax Cut

American Bridge 21st Century today released a new video highlighting that North Carolina’s GOP U.S. Senate candidates oppose Democrats’ expanded child tax credit --…

Wednesday, Jul 21 2021

VIDEO: North Carolina GOP Oppose Tax Cut

American Bridge 21st Century today released a new video highlighting that North Carolina’s GOP U.S. Senate candidates oppose Democrats’ expanded child tax credit.

Tuesday, Jul 20 2021

North Carolina GOP Senate Candidates Reconfirm Opposition to Families Tax Cut

According to the Charlotte Observer, “The top Republicans in the race” criticized the existing expansion and “did not endorse making the expanded credit permanent.”

Wednesday, Jul 14 2021

More Pressure on Pat McCrory Over Straw Donor Scandal

WNCN-TV calls out McCrory for his silence on the FBI investigation In case you missed it, North Carolina GOP U.S.…

Donald Trump Louis DeJoy Pat McCrory Thursday, Jun 24 2021

Pat McCrory’s New-Old Straw Donor Scandal

McCrory may not have gotten Trump’s endorsement, but he’s nevertheless making waves in North Carolina’s GOP primary with a still-developing…

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