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News Press Releases Tim Sheehy Wednesday, Jun 5 2024

Out-of-State Millionaire Tim Sheehy Buys GOP Senate Primary Victory

Last night, out-of-state millionaire and GOP Senate candidate Tim Sheehy secured victory in the Montana Senate primary. Sheehy's campaign has been marred by deceit surrounding his purported ‘success story’, a lawsuit from former employees, and skipping out on paying taxes on his ranch – leaving Montanans skeptical of his intentions. His candidacy exemplifies the trend of national Republicans supporting subpar, carpetbagging candidates in an attempt to challenge formidable Democratic incumbents. “Tim Sheehy is just another transplant…

News Press Releases Matt Rosendale Friday, Feb 9 2024

Fake Rancher and Failed Montana Senate Candidate Matt Rosendale Wants to Try and Give It Another Go Six Years Later

Is it Groundhog Day? Almost six years after being exposed as a real estate developer from Maryland who advocates for the transfer of federal…

Press Releases Tim Sheehy Economy Friday, Dec 8 2023

ICYMI: Tim Sheehy Forgot to Mention the Family Money in His ‘Self-Made’ Success Story

A new report from the Daily Beast today shows that one of the Republican Senate candidates in Montana, Tim Sheehy, completely fabricated…

Press Releases Tim Sheehy Friday, Oct 27 2023

Two-Faced Tim Strikes Again! MT Senate Candidate Sheehy Took the Dough But Now Says No

In case you missed it, a new report from HuffPost found yet another brazen display of flip-flopping and “double-dipping on partisan issues” by Montana…

Press Releases Austin Knudsen Monday, Sep 18 2023

NEW VIDEO: Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen's History of Attacking Montana's Judiciary Catches Up With Him

Today, American Bridge 21st Century released a new video detailing Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen’s history of attacking the judiciary. The…

ICYMI: MT Senate Candidate Tim Sheehy’s “Shameless Opportunism On Climate”

In case you missed it, over the weekend HuffPost highlighted a brazen display of flip-flopping and “shameless opportunism” by Montana GOP Senate candidate…

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