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Press Releases Austin Knudsen Monday, Sep 18 2023

NEW VIDEO: Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen's History of Attacking Montana's Judiciary Catches Up With Him

Today, American Bridge 21st Century released a new video detailing Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen’s history of attacking the judiciary. The pending complaint includes 41 separate violations and leaves the possibility that Kndusen could be disbarred. Watch here or below to see just some of the things Knudsen said about the judiciary and their court decisions: The complaint argues that “Knudsen and lawyers under his supervision routinely and…

MT-Sen Candidate Wannabe Matt Rosendale is Clueless When It Comes to the Reproductive Care He Wants to Ban

Late yesterday, new audio of Montana Congressman and possible candidate for U.S. Senate Matt Rosendale was uncovered by Jezebel exposing that Rosendale is clueless when it…

News Articles Press Releases Kari Lake Monday, Mar 13 2023

Get Your Popcorn Ready: Problematic GOP Candidates Emerging In Must-Win Races

Yesterday, a new report from Axios highlighted that the NRSC and Senate Republicans “are again facing the risk of problematic candidates emerging in…

White House Joe Biden Steve Bullock Thursday, Mar 11 2021

American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chair Steve Bullock Statement American Rescue Plan Benefits for Rural Communities

Today, following President Biden’s signing of the historic American Rescue Plan Act, American Bridge 21st Century co-chair Governor Steve Bullock released the…

News Greg Gianforte Monday, Sep 14 2020

SAD! Greg Gianforte Has No Friends

BREAKING: Montanans Don’t Want An Out-of-State Millionaire Buying Their Governor’s Mansion Montanans know Greg Gianforte would be a disaster as…

Greg Gianforte Economy Wednesday, Aug 12 2020

LISTEN: Greg Gianforte Lies (Again) About Past Support for a State Sales Tax

Listen to the audio here Congressman Greg Gianforte lied (again) about his previous support for a state sales tax while…

Donald Trump Greg Gianforte Friday, Mar 6 2020

FLASHBACK: Gianforte on Entitlements: “There’s nothing in the Bible that talks about retirement”

During a Fox News town hall yesterday, President Trump stated—yet again—that he would slash Medicare and Social Security if given…

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