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News Press Releases Matt Rosendale Thursday, Feb 15 2024

American Bridge 21st Century’s Statement on Matt Rosendale Flaming Out of the #MTSen Race After Less Than a Week

Less than a week after announcing his U.S. Senate candidacy, Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale is dropping out of the race. This comes after months of speculation that Mitch McConnell and D.C. Republicans, terrified of once again losing to Democratic Sen. Jon Tester, are attempting to rig the race in favor of their preferred candidate, fake rancher and non-Montanan Tim Sheehy. In response to Rosendale’s announcement, American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson…

Matt Rosendale

MT-Sen Candidate Wannabe Matt Rosendale is Clueless When It Comes to the Reproductive Care He Wants to Ban

Late yesterday, new audio of Montana Congressman and possible candidate for U.S. Senate Matt Rosendale was uncovered by Jezebel exposing that Rosendale is clueless when it…

Get Your Popcorn Ready: Problematic GOP Candidates Emerging In Must-Win Races

Yesterday, a new report from Axios highlighted that the NRSC and Senate Republicans “are again facing the risk of problematic candidates emerging in…

News Matt Rosendale Friday, Sep 28 2018

WATCH: Pre Debate, American Bridge Reminds Montanans That Rosendale Is Facing Legal Complaints

American Bridge launched a social media video today to remind Montanans tuning into this Saturday’s Senate debate that State Auditor Matt Rosendale…

News Matt Rosendale Friday, Sep 28 2018

Rosendale’s Laundry List of Liabilities

Before the Montana Senate debate tonight, we wanted to remind those tuning in that Matt Rosendale enters the final five…

Senate Brief: Healthcare Looms Large for GOP Senate Candidates

Week of Monday, September 10. IN BRIEF: After nearly a decade of thwarted efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act,…

News Matt Rosendale Thursday, Sep 6 2018

NEW: While He Thought We Weren’t Looking, Matt Rosendale Scrubbed “Rancher” From His Campaign

 Montana voters know the difference between a rancher and a cow pie “After years of pretending, even Rosendale himself recognizes…

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