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Thursday, Mar 21 2024

MT Republican Candidates Sheehy and Gianforte Need to Respond to Anti-IVF Rosendale Letter

Mar 21, 2024

Today, Republican Rep. Matt Rosendale, who represents Montana, led the charge on a letter against IVF access in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Two key races are top of mind in Montana right now: the gubernatorial race, where incumbent Republican Greg Gianforte is hoping Montanans don’t catch on to his self-serving agenda, and U.S. Senate race, where Tim Sheehy is trying to pretend that he’s not a fake rancher and anti-abortion rights extremist who wants to turn back the clock on Montana families.

The anti-choice records of both Gianforte and Sheehy make it clear that Montanans should be worried about them attacking IVF access — just like their colleague Matt Rosendale — should they get the chance.

“Montanans value liberty and freedom — they’re bedrock values of the state. Voters deserve to know if these prominent statewide candidates are going to back the same anti-IVF beliefs as their Republican colleague Matt Rosendale,” said Alexandra De Luca, vice president of communications for American Bridge 21st Century. “Attacks against IVF will hurt so many Montanans trying to start their families. Gianforte and Sheehy can’t be cowards here — they need to speak up.”

Greg Gianforte has a long record — including as governor — opposing access to reproductive health care.

Tim Sheehy, who has been endorsed by Matt Rosendale himself and endorsed by SBA List, an organization that opposes protections for access to IVF, is also a threat to Montanans’ liberty.

  • Discussing reproductive health care access, Sheehy claimed that it was “really frustrating” that one party in the country “seems to be bent on, you know, murdering her unborn children.”

  • Sheehy described himself as a “very pro-life person.”

  • Sheehy was endorsed by SBA List, a radical anti-abortion rights extremist organization, for his anti-choice views including their anti-IVF protections position.

  • Sheehy falsely claimed that “no one is talking about” restricting IVF as Matt Rosendale pushes to restrict IVF.

For more information about Republicans’ anti-health care backgrounds, please email American Bridge or access our open-source research hub,

Published: Mar 21, 2024 | Last Modified: Mar 22, 2024

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