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News Press Releases Matt Rosendale Friday, Feb 9 2024

Fake Rancher and Failed Montana Senate Candidate Matt Rosendale Wants to Try and Give It Another Go Six Years Later

Feb 09, 2024

Is it Groundhog Day? Almost six years after being exposed as a real estate developer from Maryland who advocates for the transfer of federal public lands, and a friend to white supremacists, Matt Rosendale has announced that he will once again run for Montana’s Senate seat. Now, he’ll have to answers Montanan’s as to why he lied about being a rancher and why he supports banning abortions with zero exceptions.

In response to Rosendale’s announcement, American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“After being exposed for the fraud that he is, voters already resoundingly rejected Matt Rosendale’s bid to be a U.S. Senator from Montana. Since then Rosendale has further entrenched himself in the far right and has voted against Montanans’ best interests time and again. All his entry into the race does is make the GOP primary more costly and bruising for everyone involved.”

The handpicked-by-Mitch McConnell Tim Sheehy and his allies have done everything they could to try and keep Rosendale from jumping in this race. A poll conducted in August found that Rosendale is “up big over NRSC-backed Tim Sheehy.” The poll “found Rosendale at 55% in a potential primary against Sheehy, who came in at 19%, while 26% of voters were undecided.” Since then Sheehy has spent over a million dollars on TV ads to try and push Rosendale out before he got in.

Clearly, it didn’t work.

Published: Feb 9, 2024 | Last Modified: Feb 21, 2024

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