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New Year, Same GOP: Here’s Where the GOP Senate Candidates REALLY Stand on Abortion

In 2022 and 2023, the GOP learned the hard way that Americans actually really like having bodily autonomy. Now the GOP Senate candidates across the country are trying to rebrand and “soften” their abortion stances but it’s not going to work. Here at American Bridge, we keep receipts and will be there every step of the way to make sure voters see through this transparent facade. Here’s a reminder…

Monday, Aug 13 2018

QUICK CLIP: Hypocrite Mike Braun Sells Auto Parts Made in China

Mike Braun has staked his Senate campaign on his supposed all-American business career. There’s just one problem: his business isn’t…

Friday, Aug 10 2018

Mike Braun Profits from "Made In China" Products

"Rep. Mike Braun might pose as an all-American businessman in his campaign ads, but he's profiting off products made in…

Wednesday, Aug 1 2018

Mike Braun Turns A Blind Eye To Workers Facing Layoffs In His Hometown

Jasper, Indiana’s Kimball Electronics is warning the Trump administration that the escalating trade war could result in closure of two of…

Tuesday, Jul 10 2018

After 8 Days of Silence, Mike Braun Defends Curtis Hill … Then His Campaign Cleans It Up

Today, after eight days of cowardly silence, Rep. Mike Braun finally made a public statement about the sexual assault allegations…

Monday, Jul 9 2018

Senate Brief: Mike Braun is Shamefully Silent on the Sexual Assault Scandal Rocking Indiana Politics

Week of Monday, July 9, 2018 IN BRIEF: Mike Braun is staying shamefully silent in the face of multiple accusations against Indiana’s Attorney General…

Friday, Jul 6 2018

As Top Indiana Republicans Call on AG Hill to Resign, Mike Braun Stays Silent

“Mike Braun’s silence about the shocking allegations of sexual assault by Attorney General Curtis Hill speaks volumes,” said American Bridge spokesperson…

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