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News Mike Braun Tuesday, Jul 10 2018

After 8 Days of Silence, Mike Braun Defends Curtis Hill … Then His Campaign Cleans It Up

Jul 10, 2018

Today, after eight days of cowardly silence, Rep. Mike Braun finally made a public statement about the sexual assault allegations against Curtis Hil — and it didn’t go well. When radio host Tony Katz asked Rep. Braun if Hill should resign, well, Braun actually defended Hill:

  • ​​”I think to me that’s a personal decision, and he’s decided, and I’ve listened to every detail of it yesterday, to fight it. And I think that’s within his right to do so.”
  • ​​”He has vehemently denied it. And I think the process that he’ll be going through hopefully will give him the ability to give his side of the case. But as far as where I’m at with it, I think where it’s at right now is where I’d be.”

Instead of unequivocally calling on Hill to resign (as Republicans like Gov. Holcomb and House Speaker Brian Bosma have done), Rep. Braun said Hill should continue to defend himself and not resign.

Less than two hours later, his campaign attempted to clean up Rep. Braun’s mess, issuing an embarrassing emergency statement.

“After over a week of silence, Mike Braun broke his silence to defend Curtis Hill from fellow Republicans calling for him to resign immediately. Then his campaign insulted Hoosiers’ intelligence, issuing a press release to try to pull the wool over voters’ eyes. But count on Hoosiers to believe Rep. Braun when he tells them what he thinks,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. 

Published: Jul 10, 2018 | Last Modified: Feb 1, 2024

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