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News Mike Braun Friday, Aug 10 2018

Mike Braun Profits from "Made In China" Products

Aug 10, 2018

“Rep. Mike Braun might pose as an all-American businessman in his campaign ads, but he’s profiting off products made in China,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Braun’s been lying through his teeth about helping American workers, getting rich off Chinese manufacturing. Rep. Braun’s been caught doing one thing while saying another — and that’s what Hoosiers hate most about politics.”


AP: Indiana candidate’s brand markets Chinese parts

By Brian Slodysko, August 10, 2018

  • “The off-road accessory was shipped in a box emblazoned with the logo of an auto parts brand owned by Mike Braun, a multimillionaire businessman who often rails against foreign outsourcing in his bid to become Indiana’s next senator.”
  • “The words ‘Made in China’ were stamped across the packaging.”
  • “The Republican nominee’s own parts brand, Promaxx Automotive, sells products that were similarly manufactured abroad, according to a review by The Associated Press.”
  • “The AP purchased from Amazon one of Braun’s brand of winches, a device used to pull stuck 4×4 vehicles out of the mud. The box that arrived was labeled ‘Made in China’ in several places on the accessory and packaging.”
  • “Since launching his campaign last August, Braun has tried to follow President Donald Trump’s playbook, running as an ‘outsider’ while making his business success central in his pitch to voters. Also, like the president, whose own line of Trump-branded products was often sourced from overseas, Braun has downplayed his company’s use of foreign-made goods.”
  • One “supplier Braun uses for off-road recovery equipment, has received hundreds of thousands of pounds of winches and accessory imports from China. Braun’s own company has also received about a half dozen shipments of winches and winch accessories in recent years from one of the same Chinese manufacturers.”
  • Another supplier “has received more than 400 shipments of similar products from Chinese manufacturers over the last decade.”
  • “Braun’s campaign would not say what percentage of Promaxx parts are made in America.”

Read the full story here.

Published: Aug 10, 2018 | Last Modified: Feb 1, 2024

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