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News Mike Braun Monday, Aug 13 2018

QUICK CLIP: Hypocrite Mike Braun Sells Auto Parts Made in China

Aug 13, 2018

Mike Braun has staked his Senate campaign on his supposed all-American business career. There’s just one problem: his business isn’t quite what he says it is. From allegations of employee mistreatment to outsourcing jobs, Braun’s business record isn’t squeaky clean.

Now, Braun’s been caught profiting off of auto parts made in China, while touting his dedication to Made in America on the campaign trail. 

Indiana’s WANE reports:

“Senate candidate Mike Braun is railing against foreign outsourcing on the campaign trail. However, his own company continues to sell its trademarked brand of auto accessories, many of which are made in China. An auto accessory purchase by the Associated Press was stamped ‘Made in China.’ Braun has previously insisted the company is only in the business of distributing other companies’ auto parts.”

Watch Hoosiers call out Mike Braun for his Made in China hypocrisy:

Watch the clip here.

Published: Aug 13, 2018 | Last Modified: Feb 1, 2024

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