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News Mike Braun Friday, Oct 5 2018

Quick Clip: Braun’s Healthcare Bluster Flatlines

Oct 05, 2018

Today an explosive report by Politico revealed the company healthcare plan Mike Braun is so proud of was viewed by his employees as “horrendous,” “a joke,” and “not real insurance.”But Braun has been asking Hoosiers to send him to Washington based on the alleged success of his company’s health benefits.

Yes, Braun literally said “Send me to D.C. so I can get ‘em straight and show ‘em how to do it.”

Watch Braun bragging about his healthcare plan here:

But wait, there’s more. Watch Braun talk about how he “took on the healthcare companies” to keep his employees’ costs low here.

No amount of embellishment by Braun can make up for the fact that his employees think very little of the benefits he offers. And now Hoosiers will see straight through Braun’s bragging.

Read the full Politico article here.

Published: Oct 5, 2018 | Last Modified: Feb 1, 2024

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