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Monday, Jul 9 2018

Senate Brief: Mike Braun is Shamefully Silent on the Sexual Assault Scandal Rocking Indiana Politics

Jul 09, 2018

Week of Monday, July 9, 2018

IN BRIEF: Mike Braun is staying shamefully silent in the face of multiple accusations against Indiana’s Attorney General Curtis Hill of sexual assault and harassment. Numerous prominent Hoosier Republicans have called for his resignation, but despite the allegations, Mike Braun has remained conspicuously silent. To recap:

  • Attorney General Hill is facing an Indiana inspector general investigation after four women accused him of inappropriately touching them at an Indianapolis bar in March.
  • Gov. Eric Holcomb, House Speaker Brian Bosma, and Senate leader David Long — all Republicans — have called for Hill’s resignation.
  • But all the while, Rep. Mike Braun, the top Republican on Indiana’s ballot this year, has said nothing — showing voters that when push comes to shove, he’ll stand with his fellow political insiders rather than doing the right thing.  

ON THE HILL: When will Reps. Kevin Cramer, Martha McSally, Lou Barletta, Marsha Blackburn, and Jim Renacci stop ducking questions on the serious allegations facing their colleague Rep. Jim Jordan?


  • Martha McSally is getting called out by Arizona Republicans for her immigration flip-flop: “‘I am personally troubled by her position on immigration,’ said Yasser Sanchez, a Republican immigration attorney who was thrilled when McSally first entered the race.”
  • Patrick Morrisey is under fire from voters for his role on the lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act. Susan in Huntington, WV writes, “Patrick Morrisey has abandoned the people of West Virginia…My family’s healthcare and the healthcare of my neighbors is more important to me than the political agenda of our attorney general…Morrisey is wrong and needs to stop playing politics with our healthcare.”
  • Marsha Blackburn is losing voters over Trump’s trade war. Tennessee hog farmer Jimmy Tosh is very, very, very concerned about tariffs on his products, and thinks Blackburn’s flip-flops on tariffs are “a little late and not far enough.”


  • 1: Billions of dollars in Wisconsin exports threatened by Trump’s trade war.
  • 1.4: Billions of dollars in Tennessee exports threatened by Trump’s trade war.
  • 881: Millions of dollars in Missouri exports threatened by Trump’s trade war.

ONE FOR THE ROAD: “Temperature by Sean Paul (2006)

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Published: Jul 9, 2018 | Last Modified: Feb 1, 2024

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