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GOP 2024 Presidential Hopefuls Ron DeSantis Wednesday, May 24 2023

Meet “Unapproachable” “Loner” Ron DeSantis

May 24, 2023

Today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will finally announce his entry into the messy 2024 Republican presidential primary, after “limping to the starting line” in a failed attempt to introduce himself to voters.

Since the 2022 midterm election, DeSantis has been laying the groundwork for his presidential campaign, but in six short months, he has fallen further in the polls and lost the support of top GOP donors and elected officials who are lining up behind Donald Trump.

Now the “unapproachable” “loner” with “no friends” — who held off on an early announcement to work an extreme, far-right agenda through Florida’s Republican-controlled state legislature — faces an uphill battle against the leader of today’s Republican Party.

Here’s all you need to know about Ron DeSantis and his disastrous presidential campaign:

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Published: May 24, 2023 | Last Modified: May 25, 2023

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