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Trump Ad Hypocritically Slams DeSantis on “Fair Tax” Proposal

May 12, 2023

According to reporting from Semafor: “MAGA Inc., the Trump-aligned Super PAC, is out with a new ad this morning titled ‘Versus’ that hits Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over his past support for a Fair Tax bill, which would replace much of the current U.S. tax code with a national sales tax levied on every purchase.” This ad will be running on Fox, Newsmax, and CNN.

In classic Trump fashion, he’s hypocritically calling out his rival for something he spent years supporting. American Bridge has kept track of comments Trump has made in support of “fair tax” proposals. Most notably, in 2015, Trump went on Fox News saying that a “fair tax or a flat tax” would help “simplify things.” 

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The voice over in the ad says: “Trump versus DeSantis: On taxes: in Congress, Ron DeSantis pushed a 23% national sales tax, where the middle class pays more. 90% of families would get a tax hike if DeSantis replaced the current system. President Trump cut taxes — a lot.”

In addition to supporting the exact thing he’s now slamming DeSantis for, when Trump was president, he had a disastrous record on taxes. Trump’s tax law – which DeSantis voted for – raised taxes on middle and lower-income people tilting our system further toward big corporations and the wealthiest Americans. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act cut American home values by about 4% over seven years. Read more about Trump’s horrendous and hypocritical record on taxes on American Bridge’s Trump Research Book.

Published: May 12, 2023 | Last Modified: May 15, 2023

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