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Monday, Mar 13 2023

ICYMI: Ron DeSantis’ Hypocritical Record With a ‘Woke’ Florida Health Office

According to a new report from The Daily Beast, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed legislation that essentially doubled the budget of…

Tuesday, Mar 7 2023

ICYMI – Miami Herald: ‘Very intimate knowledge’: What Ron DeSantis saw while serving at Guantanamo

Today, the Miami Herald published a disturbing and in-depth report on Florida governor and 2024 GOP hopeful Ron DeSantis’ time serving as…

Wednesday, Mar 1 2023

2024 GOP Presidential Hopefuls Can’t Stop Touching Third Rail of Politics

According to a new report from Politico, Republicans are preparing for war in the 2024 presidential primary over their proposed plans to…

Monday, Feb 27 2023

ICYMI: Ron DeSantis Flip Flops On Funding For Ukraine

According to a new report from CNN, Republican 2024 presidential hopeful and “mechanical try-hard” Ron DeSantis argued for sending weapons to Ukraine while…

DeSantis PC
Thursday, Feb 2 2023

DeSantis Says He Will Sign Extreme Six-Week Abortion Ban

Yesterday, 2024 hopeful and Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis said that he would sign a six-week abortion ban if the…

Wednesday, Jan 25 2023

ICYMI: DeSantis Expected To Back Legislation that Siphons Billions Away from FL Public Schools

The Orlando Sentinel reported that Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to support legislation that would effectively decimate Florida public schools. Florida Republicans…

Thursday, Jan 19 2023

ICYMI – TAI: Jan. 6 marchers and conservative provocateurs attend DeSantis’ invite-only inaugural ball

Yesterday, The American Independent reported that “potential 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis has attracted interest from anti-LGBTQ and anti-vaccine activists, among other conservative Republicans”…

Wednesday, Jan 18 2023

RED FLAG: Ahead of Presidential Run, DeSantis Wins Case to Block Public Records Requests of His Administration

According to a new report from Florida Playbook, a Republican-appointed judge has ruled that Florida governor Ron DeSantis “has a legal…

Tuesday, Jan 17 2023

ICYMI – TAI: DeSantis touts plan to cut drug prices but voted against drug pricing bills in Congress

Last week, the American Independent reported that Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis told state lawmakers that he wants them to pass legislation…

Thursday, Jan 12 2023

Republicans Lack Inductive Reasoning, Gaslight Over Stoves

Sound the alarms, 2024 Republican presidential hopefuls are out in full force today, debating the most important issue in American…

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