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Doug Mastriano

Doug Mastriano isn’t an exceptional candidate. He’s a cookie-cutter Republican Party politician in the year 2022: A QAnon supporter who wants to privatize all of Pennsylvania’s public schools, ban abortion with no exceptions, and overturn any democratic election whose result he doesn’t like — even if it takes storming through police barricades at the Capitol to do so.

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On a Private Call With Anti-Choice Extremists, Doug Mastriano Swears to Pass Abortion Bans in PA

Despite weeks of failed attempts to hide his dangerous, anti-abortion rights beliefs, The American Independent revealed that Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano showed his cards this week. In a conference call to a group of anti-choice extremists, Mastriano said he “look[s] forward to signing” a six-week abortion ban as governor — which would ban all abortions in the Commonwealth before most people even know that they are pregnant. Mastriano fully…

Doug Mastriano Will Gut Public School Funding as Governor

On Sunday, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano plans to significantly cut public school funding.…

PA’s Doug Mastriano Pledges to Appoint a Secretary of State Who Will Rig Elections for the GOP

There is mounting concern in Pennsylvania and across the country that Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano, who crossed police barricades…

Doug Mastriano Tuesday, May 17 2022

American Bridge 21st Century Responds to Mastriano Victory in PA-GOV Primary

Despite Republicans doing nearly everything they could to prevent this from happening, Doug Mastriano has won the GOP primary in…

Doug Mastriano Monday, May 16 2022

Mastriano Repeatedly Says He’s Picked a PA Sec. of State — But Won’t Say Who

Doug Mastriano, the Trump-endorsed Republican frontrunner in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race, has repeatedly said that he knows who he will…

Doug Mastriano Lou Barletta Monday, May 9 2022

Midterms’ Biggest Abortion Battleground: Pennsylvania

Over the weekend, the New York Times published an analysis of the battleground state Pennsylvania, where the news that the Supreme Court…

Doug Mastriano Tuesday, May 3 2022

Why Is Doug Mastriano (Poorly) Scrubbing His Anti-Choice Record? 

Anti-abortion Pennsylvania State Senator and Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano knows the vast majority of Pennsylvanians support Roe v. Wade. Instead of reversing his…

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