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ICYMI: Dave McCormick Caught Trying to Run Away From Extreme Views on Abortion

May 21, 2024

Connecticut-based hedge fund manager and GOP Senate candidate Dave McCormick got caught trying to backtrack his extreme views on abortion. A new report from The Keystone exposes McCormick for contradicting his own positions on abortion from his failed run for Senate in 2022.

McCormick is in lockstep with other GOP Senate candidates in battleground states who are also trying to backtrack from their out-of-touch views on abortion — despite the fact that everyone knows they would vote in lockstep with McConnell to ban abortion should Republicans take back the Senate.

“Dave McCormick’s cat’s out of the bag on his extreme abortion views, and there’s no stuffing it back in. Each flip-flop only reinforces why Pennsylvanians shouldn’t trust him. McCormick made it crystal clear: he’s ready to roll out the red carpet for a GOP-backed nationwide abortion ban,” said American Bridge spokesperson Nico Delgado.

Learn more about McCormick’s true record on abortion:

  • McCormick pledged to be a stalwart opponent of abortion.
  • McCormick’s issues page claimed he was “staunchly pro-life and believes that life begins at conception.”
  • McCormick has said he favors banning abortion, with an exception only to save the life of the mother.
  • McCormick said that he does not support exceptions in abortion laws for rape or incest.
  • McCormick praised the overturning of Roe.

The Keystone: Dave McCormick tries to outrun his anti-abortion views
Where does Dave McCormick stand on abortion? It seems to depend on who’s asking and when, where, and how they ask him.

During his unsuccessful 2022 Senate campaign, McCormick said that he supported banning abortions with no exceptions for rape or incest.

But in recent months, McCormick, a former Connecticut-based hedge fund manager and the Republican nominee running against US Sen. Bob Casey this fall, has had a difficult time figuring out—and communicating—his position on abortion.

Read more in the entire story in The Keystone.

Published: May 21, 2024 | Last Modified: May 22, 2024

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