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Ron Johnson Wednesday, Apr 13 2022

How Much Did Johnson Cut His Own Taxes?

Senator Ron Johnson needs to come clean and disclose how much he benefited from changes he sought to the 2017 GOP tax law.

Ron Johnson Thursday, Mar 17 2022

More Ron Johnson Disdain For Wisconsin Parents

This week, Ron Johnson suggested an unempathetic, ill-conceived, and also illegal proposal to address the child care crisis.

Ron Johnson Wednesday, Mar 9 2022

Roundup: WI Sen. Ron Johnson Says GOP Will Overturn Affordable Care Act

After confirming his support for NRSC Chair Rick Scott’s plan to raise taxes on half of all Americans and cut…

Ron Johnson Monday, Mar 7 2022

Johnson Calls Plan To Raise Taxes And Cut Social Security “A Positive Thing”

Today, during a Breitbart News Daily interview, Wisconsin U.S. Senator Ron Johnson agreed with “most of” NRSC Chair Rick Scott’s 11 point plan…

What Kleefisch, Nicholson + Ramthun Think of the Wisconsin GOP’s Election “Investigation”

Today, Wisconsin Republicans released a report detailing the results of their partisan “investigation” into repeatedly-disproven claims of fraud in the 2020 election.…

Ron Johnson Monday, Feb 28 2022

Oshkosh Workers Slam Ron Johnson (Again)

Over the weekend, supporters of Wisconsin jobs and members of Oshkosh’s UAW Local 578 rallied to reverse Oshkosh Corp.’s decision to place…

Ron Johnson Thursday, Feb 17 2022

Oshkosh UAW Worker To Ron Johnson: “You Haven’t Been Well Informed”

Johnson is continuing to take heat from Wisconsinites over his refusal to fight for 1,000 good-paying jobs in his hometown…

Kevin Nicholson Thursday, Feb 17 2022

Kevin Nicholson Scrubs Connection to Employee Who Signed Fake Election Certificate

Today, reporting broke that the organization created by Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Kevin Nicholson after he lost his last race, “No Better Friend,” is secretly…

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