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Extremism is on the ballot in New Hampshire

For nearly a year, Republicans in the Granite State were promised Trump alternatives for the First in the Nation primary; instead, the choice tonight comes down to Trump, and his 91 felony charges, or Trump’s former UN ambassador who agrees with him on nearly every issue. “Trump’s MAGA extremism has taken over the Republican Party. It’s why Nikki Haley agrees with him on nearly every…

NRSC Chair Rick Scott Recommits Senate GOP To Tax Hike

Rick Scott on Tuesday recommitted Senate Republicans to his plan that hikes taxes for half of Americans and sunsets Social Security and Medicare

Senator Ron Jonson participates in a Senate hearing.

Report: Ron Johnson Secured $200-Million Tax Break for Biggest Billionaire Backers

A new report from ProPublica documents Ron Johnson’s ferocious advocacy to secure large tax breaks in the 2017 GOP tax for his biggest…

News Kelly Ayotte Labor Taxes Friday, Nov 4 2016

Keep Doing Photo-Ops Kelly, NH Knows You Won’t Fight For Working Families

Another day, another photo-op by Senator Kelly Ayotte. Once again, Senator Ayotte is making her rounds at fast food drive-thrus,…

Wednesday, Oct 19 2016

Trump Is A Con Artist Who Would Destroy The Economy To Help Himself

Donald Trump really tries to talk a good game on trade and the economy, but his history of outsourcing his…

Sunday, Oct 9 2016

Trump Is A Con Artist Who Would Destroy The Economy To Help Himself

Donald Trump's non-apology for cheering on the housing crisis because he saw an opportunity to profit while working families lost…

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