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Bad News for Wisconsin: Tim Michels Wins WI-GOV Primary Image

Tuesday, Aug 9 2022

Bad News for Wisconsin: Tim Michels Wins WI-GOV Primary

Aug 09, 2022

Tonight, Republican Tim Michels secured the nomination in Wisconsin’s 2022 Republican gubernatorial primary.

The Trump-endorsed Michels has promoted election conspiracy theories, repeatedly attacked abortion and LGBTQ+ rights, opposed common sense gun laws, and proposed cutting funding from Wisconsin public schools:

MICHELS WOULD BAN NEARLY ALL ABORTIONS IN WISCONSIN: Michels does not support exceptions to abortion bans for rape or incest, and has said that “whenever possible, we should always come down on the side of life.”

MICHELS IS A THREAT TO WISCONSIN’S DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS: Beholden to doing the will of Donald Trump, who has endorsed him in this race, Michels has parroted his talking points and has cast doubt on the validity of the 2020 election in Wisconsin — despite no evidence of election-altering voter fraud. He has said that he would consider signing a bill to decertify the 2020 results. He has vowed to eliminate the bipartisan Wisconsin Elections Commission and has refused to say that he would certify the 2024 results should it not go in Trump’s favor.

MICHELS DOES NOT BELIEVE IN MARRIAGE EQUALITY: In 2004, Michels called for a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality, and said that people should not have “gay values” posed on them. Time has not softened his position — this year, he confirmed that he believes marriage should be restricted to only opposite-sex couples.

MICHELS REFUSES TO MAKE WISCONSIN SAFER: Michels, who touted an endorsement from the NRA that he did not actually receive, has said that he does not support passing red flag laws that keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals. He explained his opposition to these common sense laws by saying that he doesn’t want to remove a gun from an individual because an “angry ex, ex-spouse makes a complaint.” 81 percent of Wisconsin voters support red flag laws. Michels has also pledged to lift restrictions on firearms as governor.

MICHELS WOULD WORK AGAINST WISCONSIN TEACHERS: Michels, who has said he has not attended a Wisconsin school board meeting in the last year, has called investments in Wisconsin public schools “the definition of insanity.” He is a supporter of “school choice” — a PR term to describe the Republican Party’s mission of pulling state funds out of public schools and putting them into private, for-profit institutions and religious schools; weakening Wisconsin’s strong public schools and hurting the families whose kids go there.

Published: Aug 9, 2022 | Last Modified: Aug 26, 2022

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