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Friday, Dec 2 2022

Herschel Walker Endorser Kanye “Ye” West Praises Hitler, Walker’s Own History with Anti-Semitism Comes Back to Life

Today, in the midst of unleashing more anti-semitic remarks with Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes, Kanye West again praised and doubled down on his support for Herschel Walker. Looking back at Walker’s habitual proximity to anti-semites, it’s easy to see why West has endorsed him.  Last year, Walker planned to attend a fundraiser hosted by a woman with a swastika as her Twitter profile photo. Walker defended the use of a swastika…

Monday, Oct 17 2022

HOT MIC: Kemp Says He’s Open to Restricting IVF

According to a new report from Jezebel, leaked audio from a campaign rally last week captured the moment Georgia Republican Governor…

Thursday, Oct 13 2022

Walker Claims He’s Native American, “His Mom Says Otherwise”

According to a new report from HuffPost, Georgia Republican U.S. Senate nominee Herschel Walker has lied “for months that he has significant Native…

Tuesday, Oct 4 2022

Abortions For Me But Not For Thee: Herschel Walker’s Hypocritical History of Anti-Abortion Comments

According to a bombshell report from the Daily Beast, “100% pro-life”, “from the womb to the tomb” Georgia Republican U.S. Senate nominee…

Tuesday, Sep 27 2022

Walker Announces Fake Elector And Jan 6 Insurrectionist as “County Captains”

According to a new report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia Republican U.S. Senate nominee Herschel Walker, “recently listed a woman who was…

Thursday, Sep 15 2022

SECRET AUDIO: Brian Kemp Says He Is Open to Banning Contraception

In new a bombshell report from Heartland Signal, a secret recording captures the moment Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp “expressed his…

Tuesday, Sep 13 2022

We Have the Receipts: U.S. Senate Republican Candidates in Lock Step with Lindsay Graham’s New National Abortion Ban

Lindsay Graham and Senate Republicans aren’t the only ones going all in on abortion bans. So far this cycle, in…

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