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Friday, Jun 7 2024

Trump: ‘Sometimes revenge can be justified’

In case you missed it, last night in an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw, Donald Trump refused to commit to not seeking revenge on his political rivals if he returns to the White House. At the tail end of a softball interview wherein McGraw echoed Trump’s election conspiracies and complaints about his criminal trial, he implored the twice-impeached criminal felon running for president to rise…

Tuesday, Nov 22 2022

ICYMI – Politico: Trump’s Jan. 6 Supporters Feted at His Mar-a-Lago Campaign Launch

Today, Politico reported that “several MAGA personalities and Trump world figures with ties to the Jan. 6 rally were fixtures at the…

Tuesday, Nov 1 2022

Doug Mastriano, PA-GOV Republican Nominee, Runs a Secret Antisemitic Meme Page on Facebook

New reporting in The Daily Beast revealed that Doug Mastriano, the Republican nominee for Pennsylvania governor, is secretly running a meme page on…

Tuesday, Nov 1 2022

As Feds Warn of Domestic Violence Around the 2022 Election, GOP Senate Candidates Continue to Spread Conspiracy Theories

A new report from CNN found that the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, US Capitol Police and National Counterterrorism Center are warning…

Monday, Oct 17 2022

ICYMI: Blake Masters Is Already Claiming His Election Will Be Stolen

According to a recent report from the Daily Beast, Arizona Republican Senate nominee Blake Masters is again instigating his unfounded theory that the election…

Friday, Sep 30 2022

As North Carolina Braces for Hurricane Ian, Ted Budd Does Special Interest Bidding, Votes Against Best Interest of North Carolinians

Today, North Carolina Congressman and Republican candidate for U.S.Senate Ted Budd did the bidding of his top campaign backer and voted against natural disaster…

Thursday, Sep 29 2022

Top Takeaways From Arizona Attorney General Debate

Last night, during a televised debate, Arizona Attorney General Republican nominee Abe Hamadeh confirmed that he would enforce the state's 158-year-old archaic…

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