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Bridge Together Press Releases Deval Patrick Voting Rights Tuesday, Oct 18 2022

BridgeTogether Announces $50,000 Grant for GA’s Faith Works Campaign

Oct 18, 2022

Today, BridgeTogether announced a $50,000 grant for the Georgia-based Faith Works campaign. The goal of the Faith Works campaign is to increase voter turnout in more than 1,000 churches statewide to ensure that faith communities around the state of Georgia actively engage and vote in the November 2022 Georgia general election. 

Faith Works will empower and support churches to create their own customized nonpartisan GOTV campaigns in order to maximize voter turnout in their congregations and community. Faith Works is responding directly to the extremist anti-voter legislation – SB202 – that was rammed through the Georgia state house by 2020 election deniers.

“In spite of Georgia’s efforts to suppress the vote, Faith Works is working neighbor to neighbor to get voters to the polls,” said Governor Deval Patrick. “Because democracy is always stronger when we all participate, we couldn’t be prouder to support their good work.”

In addition to Faith Works, BridgeTogether has also provided grants to: Asian Americans Advancing Justice AtlantaFair Count, and 1,000 Women Strong. All of these groups are doing work throughout the state of Georgia to protect the right to vote. We selected these organizations because of their exemplary commitment to building voting power year round.

Learn more about the Faith Works campaign here. 

Led by American Bridge co-chair Gov. Deval Patrick, BridgeTogether is a nonprofit, nonpartisan initiative of American Bridge 21st Century that supports local groups across the country driving effective, year-round civic engagement and community-building. This long-term work is critical to sustaining lasting grassroots infrastructure beyond any one election day. Learn more here.

Published: Oct 18, 2022 | Last Modified: Oct 19, 2022

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