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News Press Releases Ron DeSantis Tuesday, Jan 16 2024

Team DeSantis Blames “Media” and “Election Interference” for Iowa Meltdown

In his dreams, Ron DeSantis is the savior for Republicans who know Donald Trump will lose a general election as their party’s nominee. In reality, DeSantis proved to be an unlikable and unrelatable candidate, with extreme positions on nearly every issue from immigration to abortion, who wasn’t ready for the bright lights of a presidential campaign. Instead of conceding their flawed candidate ran a mismanaged campaign brought down by poor…

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The Ron DeSantis Research Book

Today, American Bridge 21st Century, the largest research and tracking operation in Democratic and progressive politics, launched a publicly accessible…

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REMINDER: DeSantis Will Sign Extreme Six-Week Abortion Ban

Yesterday, Florida Republicans released their plan to push through a six-week abortion ban that could pass both chambers and be signed into…

ICYMI: Ron DeSantis Supports a Constitutional Ban on Abortion

According to a recent report from Jezebel, Florida governor and 2024 GOP presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis said that he’s always been…

DeSantis: 6 Years in Congress, 1 Law To Show For It

According to a new report from the American Independent, during his three terms in Congress from 2013-2019, Florida governor and 2024 GOP…

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DeSantis Rolled Back Banking Regulations. Then SVB Fell.

According to a recent report from CNN, 2024 GOP presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis, “who blamed diversity initiatives for Silicon Valley Bank’s…

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