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ROUND UP: Ron DeSantis Accepts Money from Alleged Mob Family, OAN CEO

This week, reporting from The Daily Beast and Floricua on Ron DeSantis’s financial disclosures uncovered that he’s accepting thousands of dollars in donations from members of an infamous mafia family as well as the CEO of the Trump-friendly news outlet OAN. DeSantis seems like he’s willing to take money from just about anyone to build his presidential war chest for 2024.  According to new reporting by Floricua, the DeSantis campaign and…

WATCH: Marco Rubio Supports Banning Abortion “from the Moment of Conception”

This week, 2024 GOP hopeful and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio echoed his extreme and unpopular abortion stance saying, “I believe that we…

Marco Rubio: Just Pay Off Your Student Loans with a Ghostwritten Book

A recent story from Newsweek reported that disparaging and out of touch comments from 2024 GOP hopeful and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio on student…

Press Releases Rick Scott Gun Safety Thursday, Jun 23 2022

Rick Scott to Vote Against Gun Bill Based Off His Own 2018 Legislation

Putting his political career ahead of public safety, the aspiring Senate Majority Leader and 2024 presidential candidate goes negative on…

Rubio Won’t Denounce Proud Boys in His Own Backyard

Will Marco Rubio denounce the Proud Boys?  The answer will not surprise you In the last two weeks, the New…

Senator Ron Jonson participates in a Senate hearing.

Ron Johnson: Florida Man?

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson has been taking regular trips between Washington and his family home in Florida—and taxpayers have been paying.

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