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The Ron DeSantis Research Book

Apr 03, 2023

Today, American Bridge 21st Century, the largest research and tracking operation in Democratic and progressive politics, launched a publicly accessible research hub to hold Ron DeSantis accountable. The free and searchable website provides detailed reports from American Bridge’s presidential research department, breaking down thousands of pages of records, disclosures, and reporting into thematic documents totaling over 500 pages for the public and progressive allies.


“For the past year, American Bridge has been hard at work compiling the most extensive and exhaustive public file on 2024 Republican presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis,” said American Bridge 21st Century President Pat Dennis. “This website weaves together all the information we have gathered on DeSantis over the past decade and paints the picture of a MAGA extremist caught up in culture wars, unfit for office, and utterly unprepared for the public pressure that comes with a contentious Republican presidential primary.”

The website is broken down into sections, with multiple reports that translate mountains of information and disparate data into coherent and digestible storylines on Ron DeSantis’ record. These categories include — but are not limited to — DeSantis’ anti-abortion agenda, his efforts to dismantle the social safety net, his history of election denialism, his feud with Donald Trump, and his economic failures as Florida’s governor.

In 2020, American Bridge launched the Trump Research Book — providing a comprehensive resource for reporters, allies, and members of the general public to access information on Trump’s litany of scandals, shady business deals, and dangerous policies.

Both the Ron DeSantis Research Book and Trump Research Book are living documents that will be expanded over time with the newest and most relevant information as the election progresses.

Published: Apr 3, 2023

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