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Ron Johnson frowning during hearing for DC Statehood - 6-22-21 (1)

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Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson has repeatedly opposed Wisconsinites best interests while working to secure tax breaks for himself and his biggest billionaire corporate backers. He supports hardline abortion bans, voted against lowering the cost of health care and prescription drugs, and championed the outsourcing of Wisconsin jobs.

Press Releases Ron Johnson Thursday, Jul 28 2022

Senate Republicans Block Lifesaving Care For Military Veterans

On Wednesday evening, Senate Republicans — including 2022 incumbent Ron Johnson — opposed a procedural vote that would have advanced a bill to…

Press Releases Ron Johnson Wednesday, Jun 22 2022

Timeline: Ron Johnson’s Efforts to Overturn Election

From the start, Johnson was deeply-involved in undermining the 2020 election, setting the table for his and others’ coordinated efforts…

Press Releases Ron Johnson Tuesday, Jun 21 2022

Text Messages: Ron Johnson Directly Implicated in Trying to Overturn 2020 Election, Pressure Mike Pence

New text messages from Ron Johnson’s chief of staff released as part of today’s Jan. 6 Committee hearing revealed that…

PolitiFact: Ron Johnson’s Push to Cut His, Megadonors’ Taxes “Overwhelmingly Benefited the Wealthiest, Over Small Businesses.”

Today, PolitiFact agreed “[t]he tax carve out (Ron) Johnson spearheaded overwhelmingly benefited the wealthiest, over small businesses.” In April, Wisconsin…

Senator Ron Jonson participates in a Senate hearing.
News Articles Press Releases Ron Johnson Thursday, May 26 2022

Ron Johnson: Florida Man?

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson has been taking regular trips between Washington and his family home in Florida—and taxpayers have been paying.

Press Releases Ron Johnson Friday, May 20 2022

Ron Johnson Helps Kill COVID Recovery Funding for Restaurants and Small Business

Johnson has repeatedly turned his back on Wisconsin families, workers, and small business owners Despite pleas from Wisconsin restaurant and…

Senate Candidates Coopt White Nationalist Rhetoric

As highlighted in new reports from the Associated Press and New York Times, and following Vice reporting from last week,  a “half-dozen mainstream Republican Senate…

Press Releases Ron Johnson Wednesday, May 4 2022

Ron Johnson Continues Spreading Lies About Safe and Effective COVID-19 Vaccines

Wisconsin Republican U.S. Ron Johnson continues to prove that you can’t trust a thing he says — with a new…

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